July 4th Independence Day 2010

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one - Benjamin Franklin

Celebrating On July 3rd And 4th 2010 (Page One)


We are celebrating the birthday of the greatest nation  on earth, the United States of America! We again celebrated with friends which makes any celebration special!  It is our sincere hope that our great nation can make it through this temporary insanity we call an Administration and kick the bums out including that poor idiot who got elected!

Saturday the 3rd we began by going to Old Ranch and taking pictures of the various events .  Later that day we went back to Old Ranch to have a BBQ and see the fireworks. 

Sue and her famous smile

On the 4th, we went to church where they had a patriotic program. After freshening up, we headed to the Queen Mary to have a super dinner with super friends and see the big fireworks.

July 3rd Was For Cavorting On The Golf Course

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Please join us and 700+ of our dear friends for a real celebration! What an amazing afternoon and evening!

Fireworks Elks And The The Queen Mary

We went to Church where they had a "God and Country Sunday" between services.  We decided not to st around so we went to the Newport Elks Lodge for some afternoon dancing to Oscar.

After dancing a few hours, we went home to visit the babies and then the Cathey's and Kuhn's joined us for a trip to the Queen Mary where we dined at Sir Winston's and watched their fireworks

Elks in Newport Beach Queen Mary
Time to dance with the music from Oscar &Time to dine and watch fireworks from the Queen Mary!!

Sue Found A Few More Minutes To Squeeze Into This Holiday Weekend; Disneyland

Actually, we went to dinner at California Adventure and then watch from our reserved area the new World Of Color !

Dinner in california Adventure
Dinner was excellent

World Of Color
Just Wow!

Happy Birthday America!!!