Independence Day Weekend 2017

The history of free men is never really written by chance but by choice; their choice!

We Have Mulltiple Celebrations This Year (Page One)

Quotation To Remember: Fourth of July! It is a day, in the United States, in a manner described to the Goddess of Gunpowder. Ælius, in the classic fable, dedicated one day in the week to burn incense to the memory of Jupiter, and the patriotic, liberty-loving citizens of the United States set aside this day of every year to explode gunpowder by way of commemoration of the Declaration of Independence—the spirit of which document is still cherished with characteristic national fervor.

It has often struck us as being an odd way of celebrating an event in the annals of history by burning, whizzing, and streaming fireworks. The whole country, from the borders of Maine to the mouth of the Mississippi, is a scene of din and smoke....

Shops are shut, tradesmen suspend business, and even bankers and usurers seem to agree that toil shall have a gala-day.... The rich and the poor alike make merry. ~Henry Howard Paul, "Fourth of July in the United States," 1851

July 2nd - We started the celebration at Old Ranch Country Club on Sunday, with an extravaganza of food, fun, friends, and fireworks.  We had 60 friends and family at the shindig and it was a load of fun.  Paul stayed inside this time as the post-operative legs were not yet working but that was OK, he got to see the comings and goings!

Don't ask... Please don't tell!


July 3rd - Monday went go to Big Bang On The Bay at Malarkeys, our Monday night hangout!  The sky was litup after a great meal at Malarkeys. Irene and Michael joined us for the activity and we laughed all night!

The whole evening was a hoot!


July 4th - Then on Tuesday we went to Disneyland to see the fireworks and visit the people at Catal! We had dinner with the Dida's at Catal and watched the fireworks from the veranda (avoiding all the park traffic)

Getting started

July 5th... The overt celebration is over but we still celebrate our great country and our great leader!  Go Donald go!