Family Vacations.... Great Times

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. ~Elbert Hubbard

Family Cruise Vacation

We are off for three days of fun, relaxing, and visiting

We took our family on a cruise in 2000.  Eighteen people for a three day cruise to Mexico.

No cooking, entertaining, driving.... just eating, visiting, watching!  Best way to travel!

We are going to do it again very soon as it is the only time we can all get together and just have a fun time!

Introduction To "The New Years 2001 Family Cruise" - Page One

Family Vacation At Sea 2001 It's Christmas time and our families decided to take a family cruise! We wanted something that would allow us all to visit while escaping the city!  All eighteen of us! 

We did the "three day" tour of Mexico and enjoyed it.  How else can eighteen people spend a whole weekend together and not have to worry about entertainment, food, drink, driving, etc. etc.  We got to visit, rest, play... it was a real hoot!

It has been over since we got on board for this family cruise. Check About The Cruise to see some of the changes!

Departure From Los Angeles Was Like Herding Cats!

The gang boarding the ship

Family Vacation At Sea 2001
Yes... It is an odd collection

In the forefront is Sue (wheelchair) and Zachary. Next row of followers are Dave (our neighnor), Alyce (working about the ship), Kat (just following along), Ralph (worrying about the tickets) and Aunt Edith who was in her 90's and setting the pace for the res of of us!

Behind this initial group are the Chartier brothers (Pete and Eddie), Colleen, Mark, Jonathan, Cassie and Jackie plus Jeanette and Mitch and Connor.  Jeanette and Mitch of course were very helpful in herding the cats onto the ship and getting everybody situated.

Family Vacation At Sea 2001
Our ship awaits our arrival

A Few Happy Snaps From The Trip

Family Vacation At Sea 2001   Family Vacation At Sea 2001   Family Vacation At Sea 2001
Jeanette and Mitch at dinner time. 
The adults were up and ready
to go well before the kids!
The grandma's with Cassie and Jackie.

Family Vacation At Sea 2001   Family Vacation At Sea 2001   Family Cruise
Paul & Dave keep the bartenders busy pouring drinks! 
Pete and Eddie at dinner. 
Edith and Kat keeping an eye on the unruly crowd!

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