Mary & Paul See The World Post 2020

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. ~Elbert Hubbard

After Getting Married In 2021, We Decided To Travel

We both have traveled over the years but recently we have not. Since 2016, our relationships were difficult to make travel plans.   

We got married in July of 2021 and decided after the house was deemed finished, we would travel and spend our money seeing things we have always wanted to see.

Sedona Arizona - November 2020

We spent a week traveling in Arizona and had a wonderful time! Zip lines over zoo's and dining in Sedona; we had a wonderful time.

Train ride

Oregon - June 2021

We hopped in the car and off we went for a 3,000 mile adventure to Oregon with Scout, The Wonder Dog, as our traveling companion!


Mexico Cruise May 2023

We took the two day cruise to Mexico with Robin and Bob which was a complete kick.  Mary got some surprises traveling with Paul!

Just us on vacation!

Hawaii - August 2023 - Ten days at sea!

Ten days at sea on the good ship Emerald Princess. We had excitement as Dr. Mary saved a guys life, Lahaina burnt to the ground, and a man jumped overboard!

Emerald Princess

Formrmal Hawaii

Bar Harbor Maine And Colleen - September 2023

Dr. Mary is required to have forty hours of CME (Continuing Medical Education)  to maintain her doctors license and she found a meeting in Bar Harbor, Maine, that provides fifteen hours of CME, one-third of her requirements! 

Bar Harbor and Dover New Hampshire are 223 miles apart and what is in Dover, Colleen and her family.  We get to visit Collen and Mark, our three grandchildren and our four great grandchildren all at once!!

Work And Play

California Coast With The Duda's - October 2023

From San Diego to San Francisco to Ensanada, we will sail the seven seas! Thanksgiving at sea.


Hawaiian Eye - January 2024

Off to Hawaii for additional CME at the Hawaiian Eye on Maui!

Panama Canal April 2024

LA to Ft. Lauderdale via the Panama Canal plus a six day drive home via Nashville, McRae, and points West!

Ireland/England May 2024

Becky gets married in Ireland so it was an excellent time to pop over the pond and visit the UK.

Two Weeks In The Caribbean With The Perry's - July 2024