Vacations: Hawaii

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. ~Elbert Hubbard

Hawaiian Vacations

The Islands are almost 1500 miles long!

1989 We Passed Through Hawaii Go To Top Of Page

Coca Palms Hotel

On our way back from Australia and the Orient we stopped in Hawaii for a week in order to readjust out internal clocks and get our sea legs. 

We stayed at the hotel where "Blue Hawaii" was filmed with Elvis Presley. Kauai, also known as the spiritual garden island is the beautiful island oasis and the home of the famous Coco Palms Hotel - yes that special spot where the "King of Rock and Roll" entertained the world.

Probably the most famous and beloved Elvis film of all times is Blue Hawaii. Many boast they've watched the film hundreds of times.

Fragments of the past still remain of the authentic Coco Palms Hotel after a hurricane passed through many years ago. The romantic quality of this tranquil oasis remains.

Coca Palms Hotel

Coca Palms Hotel

Hawaii 1999, Two Weeks On Lanai

We flew over for two weeks and stayed on Lanai which is a very quiet and peaceful place with a population of about 3,000 people! Sue was just getting over a major proposal on GPS and was absolutely worn out so we really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves moving from the Manele Beach Resort to the Lodge for additional quiet!

Lanai, The Dry Island

Not a traffic light on the island. And that’s how the people of Lanai like it. Only nine miles from Maui yet a world away, Lanai can feel like two places. The first is found in the two luxurious resorts where visitors can indulge in world-class amenities and championship-level golf. The other is found bouncing along the island’s rugged back-roads in a 4-wheel drive.

From the stunning views atop the pine-lined Munro Trail to watching the acrobatic Spinner dolphins from the Hulopoe Bay Tidal Pools , Lanai is a special place where you’ll find serenity, adventure, and intimacy.

These pages are dedicated to our Lanai R&R! We actually have not been on vacation since Australia. This vacation was designed for RELAXation and it worked quite well!   So we decided to go to Hawaii... NOT the typical Hawaii  butThe Island Of Lanai.  Lanai is a small island with only 2,500 people! 17 People per square mile! Look at it from space!

Hawaii The Easy Way In 2006... LA To LA

The QM2

To avoid the airplanes, we did a round-trip LA to LA via Hawaii on he Queen Mary II .  Prior to the trip we saw the meeting of the Queen Mary I and Queen Mary II on Long Beach harbor.  We saw several islands and did the typical tours. 

Sue and I did however do the ATV tour on the big island and had a ball seeing the island up close and personal!  We got to dance at least four hours a day and the entertainment and food was superb. 

We were in the Princess Grille which made the dining experience excellent. 

While on Hawaii, we snorkeled, drove ATV's, and saw other sights.Round trip to Hawaii is a great get-away!


Lanai 2008

Hawaii Map

We returned to Lanai in February 2008 for a week and a half of resting from retirement!  We stayed at the Lodge at Kohele and played golf, walked in the gardens, snorkeled, and toured the island in our rented jeep!