Hawaiian Eye "Vacation" Overview

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. ~Elbert Hubbard

Page One - A Week In Paradise Getting Smart!



Doctors are required to spend a number of hours per year updating their knowledge base. As an Opthamologist, Mary needs 50 hours every two years. So, off we go!

Nui koʻu aloha i kaʻu wahine maikaʻi!

Whether this will be your first or twentieth Hawaiian Eye and Retina meeting, we guarantee a new experience every year featuring world-class educators, practice-enhancing dialogue, opportunities for networking and a tranquil environment. The unique format attracts comprehensive ophthalmologists, retina specialists, administrators, office managers, nurses, technicians and allied health professionals who are looking to take their expertise and practices to the next level.

Or, as we say in Hawaii:

Inā paha ʻo kēia kāu hui mua a i ʻole iwakālua paha o ka Hawaiian Eye and Retina, hōʻoia mākou i kahi ʻike hou i kēlā me kēia makahiki e hōʻike ana i nā kumu hoʻonaʻauao honua, kamaʻilio hoʻomaʻamaʻa hoʻomaʻamaʻa, nā manawa no ka pūnaewele a me kahi noho mālie. Hoʻokomo ke ʻano kūʻokoʻa i nā ophthalmologists piha, nā loea retina, nā luna hoʻomalu, nā luna keʻena, nā kahu hānai, nā ʻenehana a me nā ʻoihana olakino pili e ʻimi nei e lawe i kā lākou ʻike a me nā hana i ka pae aʻe.

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview
I have only one thing to say, "hic"!

There are combined sessions for the first two days so attendees can gain insight from all viewpoints. Saturday's conversations cover sub-specialty areas and Sunday on what's new this year and how to adapt to the changing practice environment.

Then Monday-Friday we break into individual CME/COE/CNE program content and speakers tailored to each group. More than 100 combined faculty members will share perspectives and pearls and then make time for one-on-one conversations with attendees. These faculty help foster the unique experience that makes Hawaiian Eye and Retina one of the best meetings in all of ophthalmology.

BTW, the Hawaiian language renaissance is in the middle of the second generation. The language is still endangered but the growing number of native speakers is encouraging.

Day 1 - We Traveled

The day of travel was easy! Departed our home at 10:15 am, arrived at the airport at 11:30 am, jumped on the jet at 2:15 pm and arrived in Maui about six hours later!

We made it to the hotel, checked in and went to the bar for a libation before turning in. OMG, I was tired and then realized it was midnight on the mainland!

Hauʻoli loa wau i ka male ʻana i kahi wahine akamai!

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview

Day 2 - Mary Goes To School And I Roam The Property

First I headed to the lobby to take care of some room details and then to the dining area for a rather large breakfast. I made reservations for Maui's finest steakhouse just north of Lahaina so we have to leave the hotel about 3:30 pm to make our 5:00 pm reservation.

Dinner was quite amazing, their advertisements were not incorrect. We had a beautiful sunset dinner!

Ua ʻakaʻaka ʻo ia iaʻu a makemake e noho mau me ia ma koʻu ʻaoʻao!

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview

Day 3 - Did She Go To Sunday School?

Yes indeed, off like a flash at 6:00 am sharp with her books and notepad in hand. I was worried about burglars so I stayed in bed and guarded the room until the hunger pains took over and the buffet was calling my name!

After her classes we over at 1:00pm, we walked to the pool bar and had a glass of wine before finding a place to sit at the pool. A little later we went to the room and rested for our walk to dinner.

Later that day, we walked over to the mall and had a delightful dinner at Tommy Bahama's Restaurant.

ʻakaʻaka nui mākou.

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview

Day 4 - Monday Morning, 5:00 am, She's Off?

The roosters in the neighborhood have filed a complaint about noise prior to sunrise. Mary is singing in the shower and the hair dryer is running at 213%. She was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:15 am and out the door skipping and singing much to the chagrin of our sleepy neighbors.

I had a clandestine meeting with the buffet and assisted the wait staff by removing about ten pounds of food they did not have to take back to the kitchen; I am always here to help!

We had fish for dinner, and I mean FISH!

Inā ʻoi aku ka hou o ka iʻa, pono mākou e paʻi!

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview


Day 5 - The Rain Gods Visited Us

It poured like a cow peeing on a flat rock (so they say in Arkansas).  It was fairly wet all day long so I wandered around the hotel while Mary was at class. I picked her up and carried her books to the local bar.

We went to the pool bar and we ordered a pizza and a glass of wine and watched the rain come pouring down. The place was pretty busy with soggy people coming and going.  We decided not to go out tonight so the pizza came home with us.

Aloha no au ia 'oe.

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview

Day 6 - The Rain Moved On Heading To LA

The morning began with the sun shining and clouds off to the distance! It is a new Hawai'i today!

Mary was off to the conference at 6:15 am and I was left alone again! So, I messed around the room and missed my morning buffet.  I decided I would go to the local shopping center and get the "to-do list" done.

We had dinner at the pool bar/restaurant and enjoyed our pizza!

ʻO ia ke kukui o kou ola!

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview


Day 7 - School Is Almost Done, Time To Celebrate At The Luau!

I picked Mary up from school and we went to the pool bar to have one drink. We were celebrating being here together!

Pono mākou i ʻoi aku ma mua o hoʻokahi mea inu!

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview

Well, we met up with a delightful gentleman who is a retired MD. He developed some equipment and sold his company years ago and has been retired ever since living in Newport Beach and Maui.

At 4:30 pm we headed to the Luau just around the corner from our pool bar!

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview


Day 8 - Mary Graduates and We Celebrate

We decided to dine at the hotels fine dining restaurant for a change.  We had dinner at Humuhumunukunukuapua'a.  No kidding!  What does it mean?  We will give you a clue!

E hoʻomaka ka hoʻolauleʻa.

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview

We met up with two other couples and the six of us celebrated "whatever!"

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview

Day 9 - We Are Off To Home

We drove to the plantation early and stopped at a tiny restaurant and had breakfast/lunch! Then on to the plantation where we got FRESH pineapple right off the tree.

ʻO Mary kaʻu Kamāliʻiwahine Pineapple liʻiliʻi

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview

We stopped at the local General Store which is now an upscale restaurant and enjoyed a glass of wine and some French fries just to kill time since our plane was hours away!

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview

Join Us For A Comical Review Of The Adventure

We had too much not to enjoy a little comical review of the week! Here is one sample page!

January 2024 Maui Trip Overview


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