Three Day Birthday/Anniversary Get Away

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. ~Elbert Hubbard

May 26th And May 27th; Special Days!  Overview Page One

Mary's birthday in the 26th and Robin and Bob's anniversary is the previous day. Good time to celebrate together.

Where Are We Going?

We chose this cruise because it was simple.  LA to LA via Ensanada; leave on Friday afternoon and return Monday morning.

The Ship!

Ensenada, known as Baja's "Love Boat" port, is no longer a sleepy resort town. Each year, some 4.5 million visitors descend on this seaside city 68 miles from the border, joining 325,000 residents. Fishing, processing and shipping have made Ensenada Mexico's second busiest port. The city is backed by small mountain ranges. Due to its location on the Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean latitude, the weather tends to be mild year-round. Although the winter rain season is short and the area is prone to prolonged droughts, Ensenada sits in the heart of a wine country that is widely regarded as the best in Mexico. 

Ensanada Mexico 2023-05-28

How come when they take pictures, the weather is always perfect?

Page Two - Departing And A Suite Surprise

We headed out at 10:30 am and all was well except for no gas in the car, going the wrong way on the freeway, and missing documents.  Pauol teased Mary all the way there butg dinally decided to be serious for the rest of the journey... to be boat.

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
The rear bumper was dragging!

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023

At our age, we need to travel in style besides we get several essential ementities!

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
Mary thought the room was a little small!

Page Three - Dining & Dancing On The First Night Out

We opted for"Dine With The Chef"  and had a wonderful time meeting new folks.   The wine and food kept coming and coming; when does it stop?

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
Let the wine begin

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
"Did someone say party???"

Three hours later we finally found our rooms!

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
It was a chore but someone had to do it!

Page Four - Slowly Sailing On Saturday

Saturday the ship was steaming through the ocean at 3.1 knots according to the TV monitor.  There was not a ripple in the water but the outside temperaturewas a tad chilly.

Breakfast was served at 6:00 am; we got an early start!!

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023

We explored to boat and even did napkin and towel folding classes!

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
We are NOT giving up our day jobs!

Our tablemates from last nights Dinner With The Chef were invited for a get together in our room and we had two hours of laughing and giggling.

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
It is fun to meet new people.

Time for some Italian dining at sea!

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
Something is fishy!!

Off to the theater for the show!

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
Lots of energy


Page Five - hic!  Papa's & Beer  hic!

If you go to Encinada, Papa's and Beer is a must see!  MAry spotted a pjharmacy and made a rather large purchase!

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
My my, little guy!!

It was tame at 11:00 am but after 3:00 pm, staying away is an excellent decision!

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
"Skip the drinks, I'll take him!"

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
A little angel (the hat hid the horns)

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
We are totally stober, hic!

Bob was always there to help Paul make the right decisions!

Page Six - Shopping & Party Time

We were after some wall decorations for our patio and finally found something that fits us well, it says, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!"

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
Many to choose from!

Paul wanted a sombrero so he could feel a little safer when International Garden Naked Day comes around on May of next year.   This should work fine with some elastic and perhaps a set of suspenders?

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
It fit, barely!

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
We partied some more before dinner!

Page Seven - Packing And Dinner

They said "Pack your bags", I responded "Easy for you to say!" We began by opening the myriad of suitcases and playing ring-toss into the bags. Great fun but alas, we finally had to get serious and fold the clothes!

For dinner, we went to "Hooked" and it was great; fresh seafood directlty caught off the back of the ship!

Mexico Birthday Celebration 2023
Dinner at "Hooked" was excellent!

Page Eight - Returning Home

All good things had to come to an end but we must remember, someone has to unpack!   We got home safely and had a late breakfast.  Bunny, Kit, and Becky came to visit and we had a great day.

Oh, we did get unpacked and everything ready to go into the wash!

Mary packed lite; OMG, what will Hawaii bring?


Page Nine - Comics

Joint the fun!

Comics page one

What happens stays