Part 2 - Section 16 - Paul William Liles At Home

When Men Were Really Men!

Dad & Me Circa 1945

Dad and I in 1945
Dad holding me at the back of our Comey Avenue home in 1945.

Dad and I in 1945
Mom and Dad at the back of our old home in Los Angeles in 1945

Dad and I in 1961
Dad and I in Europe in 1961 on our ship right before we set sail for home on the SS Vulcania.

Mom and me in 1945

Dad's high school 1927
Dad's school house.  He left school at eleven and went on his own.  The year was 1917!

Yup!  That's me in 1946 being chased by Mom's dog!

6036 Comey Avenue, Where i Grew Up
Our home on Comey Avenue!