Hawaiian Adventure 1999 To The Dry Island - Lanai

The Dry Island IS Magnificent

Escape To The Quiet Hawaii

Lanai map
All bu itself!

These pages are dedicated to our September 1999 R&R! We actually have not been on vacation since Australia. This vacation was designed for RELAXation and it worked quite well!   So we decided to go to Hawaii... NOT the typical Hawaii  but the Island Of Lanai.

Lanai is a small island with only 2,500 people! 17 People per square mile! Look at it from space!  Take a look at some of our 600 pictures

In addition to relaxing, we met some terrific people at the two resorts... especially at the Lodge!  We tried something new this time.... 20 rolls of film were put directly onto CD's and we picked some of the interesting shots to share!

So let's start!  We first went to the Manele Bay Resort which is on Manele (Ma nell e) Bay.... Duh!!!!  We stayed there 5 days before moving to the Lodge at Koele . We were planning to stay only 5 days at the Lodge and then move back to Manele Bay... but the Lodge was so outstanding , we stayed another whole week!

What Do You Do On A "Quiet Island"?

What do you do on a small island?? We rented a Jeep for the two weeks since we do want to explore the island, drive down to the remote beachs, explore the trails in the mountains!

Snorkeling on the Trilogy Excursions was terrific!  We shot clays on their championship clay course! Even Sue took up the ol' shotgun!!

We walked the gardens of the Lodge many many times! We walked the tide pools , climed "Sweetheart Rock", played "executive golf", and sat on the porch watching the world go by

We got to meet " Uncle Pete " and visit his garden!  If you want a vacation.... this is the place to go!!! Take a look at some of our 600 pictures

Only Two Places To Stay; We Tried Both!

Manele Bay is at the ocean while the Lodge is about 2,000 feet up the side of the mountain.  They were a world apart in terms of weather.

The Lodges On Lanai

Manele Bay Hotel
Manele Bay is on the water with a great view of the beach

Lanai Lodge Hotel
The Lodge is at an elevation of 2500 feet and is much cooler surrounded by trees and forest

About Lanai

Hawaii Map

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