Pageant Of The Masters 2015 . . .  

A great evening with great friends....  

Off To Laguna August 11th 2015

The weather is excellent and the company even better!

As we depart Sue points out the Sunflower

We arrive at Laguna Canyon Winery

They are bottling wines as we taste

We went to our favorite Laguna restaurant

Time to relax before the show begins

One handsome devil!

We ordfered light so we would stay awake

The cheeses were super

We got there early
It will be full in an hour
Paul cannot resist a mirror
Love the water tolerant plants

The restaurant is inside the Holiday Inn

We depart for the Pageant Grounds

We are being watched

A short walk to heaven

The stores are full of interesting things

We are going tghe right way!

Sorry... No sale here!

We are right on time for a 8:00 show

We saw a strange UFO

Hustle and bustle

We made it

We head inside to meet up with everyone

The show is about to begin!

So lifelike... Well, I guess they are alive!

Who is real and who is not? Difficult to tell

The pictures comes to life

A great evening for the pageant

We had a cocktail under the canvas at the break