Georgia Agalina Liles

Everyday Ought To Be Mother's Day!

Georgia Agalina Liles Was An Amazing Person

Georgia, Paul's mother, passed in September of 1990 of cancer.  She has been gone

Mom was born to Charles and Mary Lewis of Enid Oklahoma in 1908. 

Mom was the oldest of five.  Ernest, Carl, Charles, and Mary Kathryn (who is now in assisted living) completed her family of seven!

The name of Agalina has created within you a lovely, generous nature. You will do your utmost to help others in need, despite inconvenience or even hardship to yourself. You are affectionate, and respond quickly to appreciation. As a child you were lovable, and quite expressive.

As an imaginative, impressionable person, you could excel in the theatre, as a dramatist or comedienne, and the enjoyment and appreciation of your audience would be your greatest inspiration. Fine as your nature is, at times the power of your feelings is difficult to control and it unleashes itself through outbursts of temper.

The name does not engender emotional stability; nor have you the system and order in your thinking always to finish the things you start. Thus, a scattering of efforts interferes with your finding success in your undertakings. A sensitivity could place a hardship upon your nervous system and you could suffer through goiter, or nervous conditions, or experience hysteria or mental repression.

Looking Back

Hard to believe that only 15 years prior to being born, my mom's parents were in Oklahoma.  At straight-up noon on September 16, 1893, a gunshot punctuated the excitement as thousands of men, women, and children began their run into the Cherokee Strip. More than 100,000 people entered the strip on horseback, on foot, by train, wagon, and bicycle . . . all seeking a new life on the frontier.

Enid About 20,000 of these people settled in what was to be designated as Garfield County and the County Seat was Enid!  Some sources say that a group of cattle drivers who stopped in Government Springs Park to eat turned the "DINE" sign on the cook tent upside down so that it read "ENID."

Mom The Artist And Creator

Phone To Radio Mom would go "junking" anytime she could and bring back home the most interesting "things".  Dad would groan and find a place to store the potential work of art someplace in the garage or wash room behind the garage!

A few weeks, months or years later that "thing" would be transformed into something else. 

What once was an old telephone became the talk of the neighborhood when Mom put a radio inside it,  we are talking vacuum tube radio and the year was 1957!

Lessons From Mom

God Bless The USA

A Very Happy Day in Our Lives

Otis, Georgia, Paul & Sue
Otis, Sue, Paul & Georgia in 1988

Flowers for mom!