Independence Day 2012 At Old Ranch

May I never wake up from the American dream. ~Carrie Latet

It Takes Work To Put On A Party (Page Four)

Let The Preparations Begin!!

Meet A Few Of The Old Ranch Team Behind The Scenes

Setting up for 1,000 people is NOT an easy job....
Accomodating their requests are even MORE difficult!

We found our tables... Life is good!

Juan is keeping Franko straight.... Full time job!

Always a smile....

Decorated to the hilt...

Tables go on for miles....

Renee putting finishing touches on the arrangements

The chef looks calm....

Dessert table... Someone beat us to it!

The staff is ready to go!

Keeping everything going requires a lot of people we noramlly do not see....

All the world is a stage....

Wow... Ferris wheeles too?

Mr. Ferris would be proud

Wait a few hours and it will be packed

Where is James??? Snow cones... Cotton candy!

The kids rides being set up


If you go off fast enough on the big slide, you land in the lake

The secret spot

Oh oh.... Looks loud

The chef's staff looks over worked

The pro-shop relaxing...

Where are our tables???

I's so busy I can't see straight

Let's see.... One of these and two of these....

See you in a few hours

Awaiting the goodies .... We better go home and get ready....

It's going to get busy soon... Over 1,000 members and guests

Taking care of business

Almost time for these guys to go sailing

The phones ringing off the hooks