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The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~St. Augustine

Los Alamitos To St. George Utah  394 Miles On Interstate 15 (Day One)

Today was mostly miles of miles and miles! Nothing outstanding until one gets north of Las Vegas and begin to see the mountains of Utah. Our first night target was St. George, Utah. According to Mapquest.com it was 6hr 4min 394mi from home.

We hit the road about 10:00 am heading to Riverside, Victorville, Barstow, Baker and finally Las Vegas efore getting to St. George.

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016
Los Alamitos to St. George - 6hr 4min 394 miles

Along The Way

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016
Los Alamitos to Las Vegas - 4hr 22min 276mi

After a short stop in Barstow to have a glass of wine and a bite to eat at Oggi's Pizza Bar, we completed the remainder of the days planned journey!    Oggi's was great!   The food was terrific and the wait staff wonderful!

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016
Excellent food! ...and a nice wine list!

Did You Know? - The Oggi's franchise was originated by two brothers, George and John Hadjis, who began serving up their own pizzeria experience in August of 1991. After more than 20 combined years working in the technology industry, George and John opened their first restaurant in Del Mar, California as a franchisee of an existing local pizza chain. Throughout the years, the restaurant concept evolved from a pizzeria style to a sports themed restaurant with many televisions, the addition of delivery, followed by the evolution into the brewing industry.

In 1995 micro brewed beer was exploding onto the scene and everyone agreed that a micro-brewery would be a perfect complement to the existing restaurant concept. The concept expansion was a natural fit; it blended perfectly with our main product (pizza), as well as the established sports theme in the restaurant. Adding a micro-brewery to the restaurant defined the concept indefinitely and broadened the business' customer base even further.

These decisions greatly expanded the concept that we know today as Oggi's,

With the concept well off of the ground the Oggi's team spent the next three years perfecting the beer recipes and the overall operation while building a strong brand following in Southern California. Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Co. enters into many beer competitions locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. In 2004, Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Co. was named the Champion Small Brewing Company at the World Beer Cup. This is just one of many awards that Oggi's has received for our micro-brewed beers.

"Oggi" stands for "today" in Italian. It symbolizes freshness as well as "the here and the now". It is congruent with high quality pizza, pastas, salads, beer and even sports. Oggi's dough is made fresh daily at each location, as well as the stadiums that it is sold in. In addition, our sauces, dressings, burgers, and much more are made fresh daily from scratch as well.

Oggi's continued to make great strides in branding itself with activities that would appeal to our demographic. Oggi's has negotiated partnerships with 5 professional sports organizations. Oggi's is the official pizza of the San Diego Chargers,Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. Specific Oggi's menu items are also available at these professional teams' stadiums throughout their respective seasons.

Today the Oggi's franchise consists of 15 franchised stores with locations in Apple Valley, Barstow, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Corona, Del Mar, Eastlake, Encinitas, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Liberty Station/Point Loma, Mission Valley, Orange, Santa Clarita, Santee, Upland, and Glendale (AZ).

To Utah And Beyond

We headed north to St. George after a full tummy!

I-15 traverses 123 miles in Nevada before going through the northern tip of Arizona.

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016
Las Vegas to St. George - 1hr 54min 120miles

Passing Through Arizona

In Arizona, the I-15 is short in length at 29.43 miles (47.36 km), it remains notable for its scenic passage through the Virgin River Gorge.

The highway heads in a northeasterly direction from the Nevada border northeast of Mesquite, Nevada, to the Utah border southwest of St. George, Utah.

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016
I15 running through the Virgin River Gorge in Arizona

We Entered Utah In The Dark!

Finally we are in Utah. Interstate 15 (I-15) runs north–south in the U.S. state of Utah through the southwestern and central portions of the state, passing through many of the population centers of the state, including St. George, Provo, Salt Lake City, and Ogden, the latter three being part of the urban area known as the Wasatch Front.

It is the primary north–south highway in Utah, as the majority of the state's population lives along its corridor.

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016

St. George is a city located in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Utah on the Utah-Arizona border, and is the county seat of Washington County, Utah. It is the principal city of the St. George Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The city lies in the northeastern-most part of the Mojave Desert adjacent to Pine Valley Mountains; it's also at the convergence of three distinct geological areas: the Mojave Desert, Colorado Plateau, and Great Basin.

It is 118 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada and 300 miles south-southwest of Salt Lake City along Interstate 15. The city is named after George A. Smith, a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Apostle.

St. George's climate is significantly warmer on average than the rest of Utah, and typical of the desert southwest, with an arid desert climate (Köppen BWks or BWhs), featuring long, hot summers and brief, cool winters.

The monthly daily average temperature ranges from 41.3° in December to 87.9° in July, while there are 60 days with 100°+ highs with an average window of June 29 thru August 13, and 122 days with 90° with the average window fluctuating between late April and early October, and approximately 61 days where the low reaches freezing with the historical average window between November 12 and March 14.

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016
Livable considering there is always sunshine and fresh air

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016
A beautiful city

We have been on the road all day... Time to relax!

We stayed at "Inn On The Cliff" and indeed it was! We had dinner at Ricardo''s Mexican Grill and met the nicest waitress. We enjoyed a glass of wine and a great Mexican dinner before going back up the hill to our lodge!

From the creators of the Anniversary Inn Boutique Hotels of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Boise, Idaho, comes an exciting new experience in hotel accommodations in southern Utah.

With a view you won't want to leave your room for, the new Inn on The Cliff Hotel in St. George offers a 24-hour, breathtaking panorama of some of the regions most picturesque tourist attractions.

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016 An amazing view

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016
We were indeed "on the cliff"   - The St. George airport is behind the hotel

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016
The view was spectacular looking across the city

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016
St. George Boulevard, the main east-west artery through the original center of town, looking west toward the bluff. The "D" on the bluff is for Dixie State College, so named because St. George was labeled "Utah's Dixie" by early Mormon pioneers who came to settle the area.

Where to dine... They have everything including Indian!   We had Mexican at Ricardo's.

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016

Beringer, all is good

Paul now has an afterglow...

Now for a good nights sleep....

Visiting with Laurie November 9th 2016