Golf At Navy With Family

Golf is a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.

The Destroyer

Yardage: 4035
Par: 72
Rating: 58.4
Slope: 84

A challenge due to off-shore winds, tree-lined fairways, and the many water hazards. Military. The course has a soft-spike policy, and is not available to the general public. Users must be eligible by having a valid Department of Defense Identification Card.

The Cruiser

The executive nine-hole is a great place to get a quick round in.  It has plenty of its own challenges including a long par four parallel with the runway and plenty of built in distractions!

We have a Google The Earth view of the Cruiser which makes the who layout easy to see and provides some surprises for those of us who play it several times a week!

It is a fun little course!

Family and Friends

Mitch & Grandma
Grandma and Mitch discussing the next shot

Relaxin' On The Course

The Great Punkin!
The Great Pumpkin Shows The Way!

They Call Him 'Legs Liles'!
No Making Fun Of The Legs

Grandma At Bat!
Killer Swing!

The Stud Muffin!
The Little Stud Muffin Hitting It 400 Yards

Grandma Sue
Grandma Sue

Chairman Of The Board!
Chairman Of The Board