Golf... A Pleasant Pastime

Golf is a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.

We Took Up Golf In 2006

Yep! We did it, took up golf and are having a ball (he he). We play at the Navy Golf Course in Los Alamitos and just busted 100 after a few (12) months of work.

We play three-four times a week now that we are retired.  We joined the Old Ranch Country Club which is only 2.4 miles from our front door.  We still played Navy once in a while with Jon, our oldest grandson.

We also practice two days a week at the range and take instruction for our Pro at the local El Dorado course... every little bit helps!

Now we go on vacations to play golf. Check out Hawaii and Mexico and even Catalina and Carmel Valley .

Golf Adventures

Please share our adventures at Old Ranch Country Club where truth is stranger than fiction! Also at...

Golf Thoughts

My Wife!
This is the truth...
It does happed!
All the time!

On The Course

Time for companionship and friendly banter and on occasions invention of new words never spoken before on this Earth! (Golfers will understand!)

Jon in training at the Navy Executive Course.  Watch out for flying golf club heads!

Sue must have hit a good one! 
She has an ear to ear smile!

Sue And The Ducks
Duck feeding is part of the game...
She has them all named!

Paul At Bat
Head down and concentrating
on hitting the little white ball!

Family And Friends

Pete and Sue
Pete and Sue discussing their last shot!

Swimming Putter
Paul on a typical golfing day!!!