Golf Buddies Make For A Great Game

They know they should not laught becuase they are next!!

James Our Golf Companion

JAmes' Mom and daughter
James with his Mom and daughter, Jennifer

Lulu the boss
Next to Linda, Lulu is the boss of the house

A New Baby Arrives At The Cathey's

The Baby Arrives
Baby Frankie arrives

Frankie And Lulu Having A Good Time

Frankie and Lulu
Frankie finds and excellent pillow to lay on and Lulu enjoys the opportunity

Frankie and Lulu
A nap is a requirement in today's busy busy days

Did you know? - A nap is a short period of sleep, usually in the day time. Naps are frequently taken when one becomes drowsy during the day or otherwise wants to feel awake at a later period of time that day. They are also often frequently taken by small children.  There are many benefits to napping. Napping can help refresh your mind from a tiring day. According to William Anthony who is the author of the Art of Napping at Work(Larson Publication,1999),a 20-minute nap can improve your overall alertness, boost your mood, and increase productivity. He also says the a post-nap can last for several hours.

Frankie and Lulu
Frankie is about to pounce on his toy!

Did you know? - While originally bred for fighting, they were later down bred for companionship. The modern Boston Terrier can be gentle, alert, expressive, and well-mannered. It must be noted however, that they are not considered terriers by the American Kennel Club, but are part of the non-sporting group.

Boston Terrier is something of a misnomer. They were originally a cross-breed between the Old English Bulldog and the English White Terrier.

Some Bostons enjoy having another one for companionship. Both females and males generally bark only when necessary. Having been bred as a companion dog, they enjoy being around people, and, if properly socialized, get along well with children, the elderly, other canines, and non-canine pets. Some Boston Terriers are very cuddly, while others are more independent

Frankie and Lulu
Play time is ANYTIME with Frankie and Lulu

Frankie Goes To The Yacht Club

Yacht Club    Yacht Ckub
I like yacht's!  What is a yacht?

Yacht Club   Yacht Club

Frankie Gets Into Trouble

Linda comes home and Frankie has been redecorating the house!

Frankie gets into trouble

Frankie gets into trouble

Frankie gets into trouble

Frankie gets into trouble

Frankie gets into trouble