John Turns 75 Years Young

Nothing Else Counts In This World!   

A Big Surprise For The Birthday Boy

"Come on inside John and we will have a quiet birthday dinner... Just the two of us"

When John Was Born....

They even have magazines when John was born

A little spicy there John....

Phone books listed occupations

Little Did He Know What Was Lurking Inside!

Surprise!!! Jaw dropped three inches!

The Kiss.....


OMG... The place is packed with friends... Sneaky people!

Happy Birthday Celebrations Begin

Steve does a great Happy Birthday on the sax

John gets all the hugs this evening

Yes John, we have been here since 2:00pm awaiting your arrival.... hic!

"I'll have another one... please"


John makes the rounds... A job any of us guys would be happy to do for him

John enjoys the event.... But where is his drink???

Many laughs and giggles this evening

John made it all the way to the back of the room

Steve warms up the keyboard

John spies a drink... Watch out!

"No James... You have four more years to catch up to John... Then you can hug all the girls"

Miles of smiles

Time For Dinner At The Best Steak House In The OC

Over the teeth and through the gums, look out tonsils here it comes!

John is still hugging everyone - Lean to the left....

Now, lean to the right

The wine is flowing

We all know John... What are in the presents?

Steve serenades the party

The glasses are soon to be removed and individual IV's drop from the ceiling

Bunny and Tom just got in from their Oregon adventure

Monica... Always working...

Mike, the proud owner of La John Celebrates His 75th With A Surprise Birthday Party , makes up a special drink for John

Great music all evening

One heck of a party... Happy birthday John

We arranged something special for you...