Our Grandparents

When a child is born, so are grandmothers.  ~Judith Levy

Paul's Grandparents

Folks from McRae Arkansas...

Susie Liles Essig and Charles Essig
Susie (Liles) and Charles (Essig)
Grandpa Liles died in 1909 when Paul W. Liles was 3 years old... Sue Cook Liles remarried to Charles Essig

Grandma (Liles) Essig died in August 1957. Everyone went to McRae Arkansas where she was buried except for my father who was seriously ill with emphasema and could not travel.

Left-To-Right: UK,Aunt Edit, Aunt Helen, Aunt Alma, Aunt Opal,
UK, Grandpa Essig, Uncle ??
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Charles and Mary Lewis
Mary and Charles Lewis

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We Have No Pictures Of Sue's Grandparents Available