Taco Tuesday With Zack & Becca!

Nothing Else Counts In This World!   

Old Ranch And Taco Tuesday June 20th 2017

It may seem odd but we have such a good time when the grandkids join us for something as simple as Taco Tuesday.  We get to look back in time 50 years and try to remember what it was like!

When you are in your 20's, the "old folks" are probably the last people you want to spend time with as family life is often overwhelming.  So, when we get a chance to see Zack & Becca, Noah and Laura plus, of course, Miss Lilly, we jump at the chance.

Tonight we were also delighted to have Bad Mike join us!

Having a glass of wine before the kids arrive

Daddy is about to get some help!

Oh oh... Down the hatch it goes!

Mike tastes the duck food to make sure it is OK

Taking it all in!

John stopped on the bridge to see the duckies!

Mike brings the supplies

Everyone seems to be enjoying the activity

Scarfing up the vitamin fortified premium water foul delight

Mike is the "Official Spotter"

"Come on guys... I have a hand full"

Daddy... Great Grandpa... Is he for reals?

"Come on Lilly.... Come visit me!"

Here she comes

She will be right here...

"Look guys...  Here comes the famous Old Ranch Horse Duck!"

Amazing what you see on the golf course

Lilly and Great Grandma go on a search for Lilly The Swan


Our driver, Mr. John, told us of the Old Ranch Horse-Duck

"Just hang on... I am coming"

"Well... We have filled their tummies!"

Zack keeps a sharp eye on the water and Lilly

We were happy to have "Bad Mike" join us!

Paul visits with Noah and Laura

Being with family and friends.... Our favorite thing to do!

Good night guys! Love you!