Mary & Paul Go To Avalon

Our Visits To Catalina

We Don't Wanna Go Home! (Page Three)

We were given the golf car to use as long as we needed it so we took off into town looking for trouble.  You know us, we found it!   While on our way to the museum, we decided the Wrigley Memorial would be a nice place to visit.  We ended up staying there for quite a while.

Remembering Yesterday!

It must be 6:30 AM according to the Casino.

Breakfast is served! There was enough to serve a small army!

Getting our pictures took by the tree!

Dang.... What can happen next?

Did You Know?  The idea for a garden came from Mr. Wrigley's wife, Ada. In 1935, she supervised Pasadena horticulturist Albert Conrad, who planted the original Desert Plant Collection. Santa Catalina Island's temperate marine climate made it possible to showcase plants from every corner of the earth.

In 1969, the Wrigley Memorial Garden Foundation expanded and revitalized the garden's 37.85 acres. Along with the new plantings came a new attitude. In the same way that the Wrigley Memorial uses primarily native building materials, the Garden places a special emphasis on California island endemic plants. (Plants, which grow naturally on one or more of the California islands, but nowhere else in the world.) Many of these plants are extremely rare, and some are on the Endangered Species list.

In 1996, the Wrigley Memorial Garden Foundation merged with the Catalina Island Conservancy. This was a natural combining of two important ecological organizations, both dedicated to the protection and restoration of Santa Catalina Island

We enjoy reading about everything!

Do you see the fox? (The four legged one?)

No fear of humans!

Almost every plant is marked

Dinner time?

They looked like aliens!

The two legged fox now shows up!

All smiles!

He runs through the cactus like it was not sharp!

Talk about green!

No sitting on the cactus.

Mary was snapping pictures everywhere.

They have to protect the plants from the deer that eat everything!

Pine trees on a desert island?

You can barely see the memorial above Mary's head.

Did You Know? The Wrigley Memorial honors the memory of William Wrigley Jr., who lived from 1861 to 1932. Although best known as the founder of the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, largest manufacturer of chewing gum in the world, he also played an instrumental role in the history of Santa Catalina Island. He truly loved the island, and with undying enthusiasm and energy, he brought numerous improvements: public utilities, new steamships, a hotel, the Casino building, and extensive plantings of trees, shrubs and flowers. William Wrigley Jr.'s greatest legacy was his remarkable vision and plan for the future of Santa Catalina Island -- that it remain protected for all generations to enjoy.

With its commanding view of Avalon Bay, the Wrigley Memorial is the centerpiece of the Botanic Garden. It was built in 1933-34 by the Chicago architecture firm Bennett, Parsons and Frost. The firm also designed Chicago's Buckingham Fountain.

The goal in building the Wrigley Memorial was to use as much Catalina materials as possible. Quarried Catalina stones can be seen in the reinforced concrete construction -- the facade having been sandblasted to hide the cement and highlight the native crushed stones.

The blue flagstone rock on the ramps and terraces comes from Little Harbor, on Catalina's "back" side. And the red roof tiles and all the colorful handmade glazed tiles used for finishings came from the Catalina Pottery plant, which was in operation from 1927 to 1937. The marble inside the tower was quarried in Georgia.

William Wrigley Jr. was interred for a short time at the Wrigley Memorial but is now buried in Glendale. The original dedication plaque remains at this memorial on Catalina.

We walked and walked and finally made it!

View from the Memorial down the valley toward Avalon.

Mary the movie star!

She wold make a magnificent docent.

She loved the copper doors! And her eyes are closed so you will not think she is reading a script!

She knew everything about them!

We made it, thanks to the oxygen bottles.

Pucker up and plant one on me!

Both the terracotta roof tiles and the handmade glazed tiles (including those in the fountain) came straight from the from Catalina tile plant that Wrigley himself had established on the island.

Does that mean she does not get lunch??

"No Paul, silly boy! That means I get two lunches!"

We stopped in a souvenir shop and I had to take this picture!

Statues everywhere!

That there is a lot of bull!!

The proprietor had to ask her to stop, she was scaring the customers!

Horny? We shall soon see?

Just hanging around

Burger time!

I got her onions but she nary shared a fry with poor little me.

That's her, "This is a great burger look!"

It was so good we brought one back to the manager at the mansion as he is going to drive us to the boat,

She teased me the whole time by eating every one of those delicious fries!

Then she would say, "They are so good, hey didn't you order any for yourself?"

One last drive up the road to Mount Ada

She ordered Buffalo Ribs!