Mary & Paul Go To Avalon

Our Visits To Catalina

We Arrive At The Zip Line Checkin  On Time (Page Two)

Being experienced now, I had my Depends inside the pants this time. I looked a lot more presentable!  We both captured short videos of our extraordinary bravery while dangling over a 10,000 foot canyono on a veritable thread of rusty iron rope. Join the "fun"!!

Did You Know? Ropeways or aerial cables have been used as a method of transport in some mountainous countries for more than 2,000 years, possibly starting in China, India and Japan as early as 250 BC, remaining in use in some remote areas in China such as Nujiang (Salween) valley in Yunnan as late as 2015 before being replaced by bridges. Not all of these structures were assisted by gravity, so not all fitted the definition of the zip-line.

Various technological advances in Europe in the Middle Ages improved the ropeways, some of which were still assisted by gravity.

The first recorded use of the zip-line as a form of entertainment was possibly in 1739, when Robert Cadman, a steeplejack and ropeslider, died when descending from Shrewsbury's St Mary's Church when his rope snapped.

In literature, one appears in The Invisible Man (published 1897) by H. G. Wells as part of a Whit Monday fair and referred to as "an inclined strong".

Some sources attribute the development of zip-lines used today as a vacation activity to the Tyrolean traverses developed for mountaineering purposes.

Mary held on for her life as I careened the car down the steep road at a staggering five miles an hour brakes smoking yelling, "Out Of The Way"

We stopped several times to take photos.

We have arrived, these plants looked like a great place for
me to hide when they call my name!

They will never find me here!

It looked easy until I got to the top of the stairs.

We moved to the harnessing area and got some instructions.

That landing platform is at the 8,700 foot level of this 2,300 foot mountain!

"Strap me in and turn me loose"

Even the bear was wearing a mask!

I tied my harness to a tree hoping they would not get it undone in time!

Mary is cracking jokes and I am sweating bullets!

Calm and cool!

Wholly mooley! You gotta be kidding!

The countdown has begun.

One last check of the gear!

She turned from a full sized woman to a tiny dot in seconds!

Achieving Warp 3 within seconds!

No beads of presperation, just a big beautiful smile!

Caught again!

The catcher kept busy!

Grab that girl and do not turn loose!

A tiny push and she is on the platform ready to be unhooked.

Come on back to terra firma.

We ordered lunch and dined on the patio.

"Oh, I never take naps!"

The people down below thought we were using a buzz saw!

We took the golf cart and walked to their house from the bottom of a 155 step torture device.

We stopped along the path several times to change out oxygen bottles.

Mere steps away!

We sat on their patio and talked until it got cold!

A View from their patio is quite nice...
That is Mount Ada on the top of the hill!

Prettiest thing on the island!

Their living room overlooks the bay!

Then things went down hill, so to speak!

It worried me when Mary yelled, "Look out below!""

We also stopped several times on the way down.

The Yacht Club looked great this evening.

I offered to show Mary my diving skills and back up the hill.
She turned the offer down for some reason??

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is now officially underway!

No crashing yet, we have to eat!

The view was magnificent!

I mastered the fireplace but I had to go downstairs and get the wood and then I had to find two Boy Scouts to rub together to start the fire!

Mary liked the Art Deco pieces in the room...
Based upon my age, I quality to be Art Deco!

Soon to be loaded with food from the local sea food restaurant.

My serious look!

Mary wanted a picture of the Christmas tree on the top of the casino!

Long Beach/LA from our room.