The Avalon Ball 2019

1920's Sayings: Sockdollager: an event or action of great importance

Post Dance Shenanigans (Page Nine)

We departed the dance at 9:30 PM and wondered to the Lobster Trap but decided that was not for us. Ron went to the Avalon Grill and used his charmes to keep the bar open for us.

Donna is ready for her dessert

Look delicious!

Bob stopped at the hotel and changed clothes...good idea!

An extinguished looking group!

OK...Who has the camera?

Our dessert is on the way!

Ron took off his expensive cufflinks!

Did You Know? - Although the first cufflinks appeared in the 1600s, they did not become common until the end of the 18th century. Their development is closely related to that of the men's shirt. Men have been wearing shirt-like items of clothing since the invention of woven fabric 5,000 years BC. Although styles and methods of manufacturing changed, the underlying form remained the same: a tunic opened to the front with sleeves and collar. The shirt was worn directly next to the skin, it was washable and thereby protected the outer garments from contact with the body. Conversely, it also protected the skin against the rougher and heavier fabrics of jackets and coats by covering the neck and wrists.

After the Middle Ages the visible areas of the shirt (neck, chest and wrists) became sites of decorative elements such as frills, ruffs and embroidery. The cuffs were held together with ribbons, as were collars, an early precursor of neckties. Frills that hung down over the wrist were worn at court and other formal settings until the end of the 18th century, whilst in the everyday shirts of the time the sleeves ended with a simple ribbon or were secured with a button or a connected pair of buttons.

Crick.... Must be a Japanese camera

Bill will share his photos with us a little later

All smiles!

Great fun with friends!

The normal picture of Paul

Look like it might be gettig late

Bob and Donna have white wine...say what??

Donna s'plains the situation!

"What did she say??"

"I thought so..."

Ron is worried about hi cufflinks!

The serious look

Good night all

Avalon Ball 2019 on Catalina Island
Heading Home