The Los Angeles Farmers Market  

What are we up to in retirement?

Los Angeles Farmers Market

Farmer's Market Clock Tower In July 1934 a contingent of farmers pulled their trucks onto an expanse of empty land at the property known as Gilmore Island at the corner of Third and Fairfax in Los Angeles. They displayed their produce on the tailgates of their vehicles, to their delight, customers quickly arrived and parked their cars on a hastily created dirt parking lot in spaces designated with chalk. They strolled among the trucks purchasing fruit, vegetables and flowers.

The atmosphere was casual, the open air commerce enticing, the goods fresh, and the result remarkable. Farmers Market became an instant institution.

We have been going there for years. Paul's first visit was about 1949 and Sue began visiting it in the early 1960's. It is just around the corner for "Museum Row" on Wilshire Boulevard so it is a natural stop for a leisurely late lunch!

We stopped at Mr. Marcel Pain Vin Et Fromage on our visit to Petersen Automobile Museum on May 1, 2007. Some swear that this charming French restaurant was lifted and moved, lock stock and barrel, from Paris.  The quiches are perfection, the coq au vin is heaven, the steaks (with a choice of three dressings) are tres magnifique.  A full and carefully chosen wine list is always available.  Locals tend to favor a stool at the bar for wine and cheese.

Circa 1954
Circa 1955

Grandma leads the way

Tons of food everywhere
Sue likes looking


Like a real market

Hot sauces
Hot sauces to go!

Paul & Dave
Paul and Dave

Time to eat!

Circa 2007
No room to wiggle today

Booths everywhere
Window shopping for goodies to eat...

It is also a real market... Vegetables everywhere!

Farm fresh it says

Shopping abounds
Sue spotted something

What is he thinking???
Two peas in a pod

Racing Dave Dave enjoys the visit

French food for all!
Perhaps a small French lunch!