Part Three - Early Years (Birth Through High School)

Introduction - God gave us memories that we might have roses in December. ~J.M. Barrie

The Early Years Are Always Special Because You Are Mostly Free

  1. Those were the times which we will never have again.  I was born during the war so I never saw the terrible things that happened but I did see the conversion of the war economy to the greatest producer of goods and services the world has ever seen!
  2. My Adult Friends - Mom and dad were older parents, in their 40's when I can along... Pretty rare for those days.  Most of their friends were their age or older so I got to see adults when I was growing up!  It made a lasting impression!
  3. Shenandoah Elementary School 1950 - My goodness, time to go to school when they really taught things!
  4. Life On Comey Avenue Part One - I have fond memories of the place where we lived
  5. Life On Comey Avenue Part Two - My world was full of wonder and it expanded only as I moved through school and saw different people and places
  6. Ralph's 5, 10 & 25 Cent Stores - Dad ran a dime store chain and I pretty much grew up in that business.
  7. Amateur (Ham) Radio As WA6CJC - I saw the world through the eyes of people everywhere.  It was an amazing hobby!
  8. My Childhood Heroes - We all had our heros.  Mine wore white hats, were gentlemen, and made me look up to them!
  9. North To Alaska 1957 - Dad was a traveler and I got to go places that amazed my friends.
  10. Life At Hamilton High School - Finally made the big time.  Hamilton High School where I of course joined the ROTC just to be different and became somewhat of an outcast with my friends... But alas, you gotta do what you gotta do!
  11. Our Trip To Europe 1961 - We are off again and what a trip... A month sailing the high seas and visiting new places with my uncle Charles Lewis.