Bottom Of The World With Janice November 2016

An Adventure Of A Lifetime   

Antartica Here We Come (Overview)

We flew from Miami to the end of the world, Tierra Del Fluego. We spent a day seeing the local sights. The next morning we visit a local national forest and then headed for the harbor to join up with the MS Fram.

November 29th through December 15th we visited the Falkland Islands (South Georgia), Orcadas Station ( Orkney Islands), and then on to Antarctica.

Coming home we passed through the Drake Passage and returned from whence we started, Ushuaia.

Antarctic adventure map
Eighteen days sailing the high seas and visiting strange places

Date Activity
11/26 Miami to Buenos Aires (EZE) 5:40 PM - 4:40 AM via Aerolineas
11/27 Buenos Aires To El Calafate on Aerolineas (FTE) 10:40 AM - 1:55 PM followed by Aerolineas From El Calafate to Ushuaia (Capital of Tierro Del Fuego) (2:45 PM to 4:05 PM)

We stayed at the Los Acebos Ushuasia Hotel in Ushuais which is the capital of Tierro Del Fuego, Argentina! (Page Two)
11/28 We took a tour of the local area and saw Tierra del Fuego National Park before boarding the ship at 4:00 PM (Page Three)


We board the MS Fram at 4:00 PM and settle in for the next two weeks of cruising the bottom of the world!. (Page Three)
11/29 At Sea traveling from Ushuaia to the Falklands which is 482 miles. (Page Four)
11/30 Visiting the Falkland Islands and meeting new friends including West Point and Carcass Island (Page Four)
12/1 Lagoon Bluff Cove excursion from Port Stanley (Page Five)
12/2-3 Cruising the Scotia Sea (Page Six)
12/4 South Georgia visiting Fortuna Bay and Stromness Whaling Station.(Page Six)
12/5 Grytviken South Georgia (Page Seven)
12/6 Sailing By South Georgia And Visiting St. Andrews (Page Eight)
12/7 At sea between South Georgia and Orcadas Station (Page Nine)
12/8 Orcadas Station Antarctica (Page Nine)
12/9 Elephant Island which is 550 miles from our starting point. (Page Ten)
12/10 Brown Bluff and the wildlife (Page Eleven)
12/11 Half Moon Island which is a whole 420 acres! (Page Twelve)
12/12 Curveville & Neko Island (Page Thirteen)
12/13 Lemaire Channel and Port Lockroy Antarctica (Page Fourteen)
12/14-16 Crossing the Drake Passage and return to Ushuaia for the flight home(Page Fifteen)
12/16 From Ushuaia to Trelew (REL) via Aerolineas (3:20PM - 5:30PM), transfer to Aerolineas 1897 from REL to EZE, and then the long hop, Aerolineas 1302 from EXE to Miami (MIA) 11:15PM - 6:25 AM)


Touring Tierra Del Fuego (Page Two)