Ballroom Dancing Terminology

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. ~Author Unknown

Terms Used In Swing Dancing

alligator - swing fans or dancers

cast an eyeball - look around

darby - something good

dead hoofer - poor dancer

dig- like

dillinger - fantastic

drag a hoof - dance

drape - clothes, suit

duchess - girl

fade - leave

Fifth Avenue - high-class

frolic - dance

frolic pad - night club

gammin'- strutting, showing off

ginned up - dressed up

got your boots on - understand what's happening

ground grippers - shoes

have a ball - have a good time

hep cats - swing music lovers, dancers (male)

hep kitten - swing music lovers, dancers (female)

hincty - snobby

hopper - Lindy Hop dancer

hoof - dance

in the groove - very good

jump - swing dance

kicks - shoes

niftic - good, sharp

off-time jive - bad manners, incorrect

pulleys - suspenders

rug cutters - dancers

scene - situation

smooth - good, agreeable

stompers - shoes

striders - trousers

threads - clothes

togged to the bricks - wearing best clothes