Ballroom Dancing Clubs Are A Hoot

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. ~Author Unknown

Our Dance Clubs

Dance Club

We are members of four dance clubs:

Topper's Dance Club (No longer in existance, COV2021-10-02-under-the-stars-053D-19 did it in)

Starlighter's Dance Club

Nightlighters Dance Club

Rondeliers Dance Club

Starlighters Website

Starlighters dance every other month inb a Saturday evening with two casuals, two semi-formals, and two formals.


Nightlighters Website

Nightlighters are always formal and we dance Saturday evenings near LAX on opposite months from Starlighters.


Toppers Website

(We keep the site for our memories)

Toppers dance nine times a year (we take the summer off) and we dance Fridays at the Petroleum Club in Long Beach.


Rondeliers Website

We dance on Friday evenings at the Country Club and generally a formal affair.