The Seniors Prom

Helping Meals On Wheels Deliver The Goods In Orange County

Seniors Prom Is A Very Nice Dance To Aid The Needy

For twenty years the Seniors Prom has been held to raise money for senior related activities. Hosted by Cox Communications, the Seniors’ Prom is widely known as "The senior event of the year."

The evening welcomes over 1000 seniors from all over Orange County and features the big band music of Johnny Vana’s “Big Band Alumni.” Past Masters of Ceremonies have included celebrity Betty White, Mickey Rooney, Stephanie Edwards, and Art Linkletter.  We have been going since we retired and found out about the event.

From 2011's Seniors Prom

Did You Know? - In the United States and Canada, a prom, short for promenade, is a formal (black tie) dance, or gathering of high school students. It is typically held at the end of senior year. In the United Kingdom, the term is more widely understood to be in reference to a season of classical concerts, or "proms," which have been held between the months of July and September since 1895 by the BBC.

The British synonym for the North American event would be Leavers' Ball, Leavers' Dinner, Formal or, informally, Leavers' Do. This is closer to the Australian description, although in the UK, most schools have called the above events proms in imitation of the North American tradition. In Canada, Ireland, and Australia the terms Grad or Formal are most commonly used and the event is usually held for those graduating high school or middle school. In Ireland, the event is also known as the Debs, which is derived from Debutante.

The Seniors Prom Has Been Going For Twenty Plus Years

Did You Know? - Dance for Better Health! Just a few physical benefits of dancing...

Cardiovascular: Country, Ballroom and Latin dancing can raise the heart rate anywhere from 80 to 120 beats per minute. That is the equivalent of any strength training or aerobic program available today. Sustained in 2 minute bursts over a 45 minute period, this will build not only your heart's strength,
but it's endurance, too.

Muscle Tone: Ballroom, Country and Latin dancing, when done at an intermediate to advanced level of technique, use the perfect blend of isometric and isotonic resistance, the two key ingredients to muscle building and toning. The blend and use of the muscles is perfect for building beautiful tone without building a lot of muscle mass, a big concern for women in particular.

Joints: According to the American Journal of Medicine, the best way to avoid arthritis and remedy current joint discomfort is to continue to use the joints in a controlled manner. The rise and fall of Waltz answers to this beautifully.

Spinal Column: The frame or posture maintained in dancing places the spine in a natural and correct position, even more correct than when standing or sitting naturally! That also puts all your organs in alignment, which is now thought by many doctors and chiropractors to fight sickness, disease, fatigue
and more.

Respiratory: Many track greats know that a strong set of lungs get plenty of oxygen, which makes the heart work easier, which in turn allows us to dance and have fun longer! That's why sprinters run a lot of
"wind" sprints: brief bursts to up the heart rate quickly, then bringing it down and doing this repeatedly. This is similar to the effect on the heart in dancing.

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2007 Art Linkletter Was The Speaker

Art Linkletter
Art Linkletter

2008 Tippi Hedrin Spoke At The Event

Tippi Hedrin


Paul is really old!


2011 Nancy Adamson Was Our Hostess

2012 Nancy Adamson Again Was Our Hostess