2004 Annual Seal Beach Car Show

I know a lot about cars. I can look at a car's
headlights and tell you exactly which way it's coming.

The Year Is 2004

Red, red red


Dave and daughter
Dave (in the red checkered shirt) is our neighbor and we kind of watch over him.  He is shown with his youngest daughter, Cathy, visiting the show along with Sue and Paul.

Pontiacs everywhere
The little blue Pontiac LeMans is a car Sue had for a period of time to go to college.  She says it was a great car and she did use the convertible feature.

weather was perfet
At the end of Main Street, one can just walk on off into the ocean... Well, via the pier.  It was a beautiful April day in California.  Notice, not a lot of sun bathers out as it was about 11 in the morning and the weather was not hot... just nice enough to walk around and visit the cars.

Convertible time



Oh Yeah
You must pay attention to the details as several of the cars have interesting and certainly appropriate license plates associated with their cars. I'll bet this Pontiac makes exactly that sound when it takes off down the straightaway!


Red Vet

Horses galore

Details details

Juice it up
And they certainly have a sense of humor!  The coil is "juiced up" from California juices!  The good work and fitting jobs are marvelous to observe.

Great car

Hot rods
This car was hot in more ways than the flames. Great paint job. That's Dave's grandson in the picture... He is called "Hot Rod".

Red red red

You touc it first
Again, attention to details.  Shift knob would not be shifted if I were driving... To icky to touch! 

Ready to go

Someone did a load of work
The blower and chrome detailing on this puppy was amazing.  I'd be afraid to start it up but you know, they drove it here for the show!


Hot pink maybe??

Grandma recovering from back surgery
Wow!  This was one bright car!  A pink woody!

Sue's color!



Check the paint

Mirror finish



Deep purple

Always a big hit

Go Army

The truth

Too young to drive

Artist at work

No questions

Red white and blue

I need this sign

Fully equipped

Sweet Sue

I rode on these when a kid


62 Chevy

Zoom zoom zoom

Dave zooming