New Years 2016... One More Year!

Be grateful to God, every year you live.

Welcome To New Years Eve 2016 (Page One)

So we are headed to the Long Beach Airport Marriott Hotel to dance with Tracy Wells and the Big Band! Then we did the Rose Parade on the second. Join all the fun!

Did You Know? - Big Band refers to a jazz group of ten or more musicians, usually featuring at least three trumpets, two or more trombones, four or more saxophones, and a "rhythm section" of accompanists playing some combination of piano, guitar, bass, and drums.

Where did 2015 go?

Page 2: Arrival At The Hotel

The Marriott is adjacent to the Long Beach Airport so it is quite handy to get to! Most everybody was there by about 5:00 so the parties can begin!  We started in #810 with the Roberts, Zaitz, Branders, Will & Iris, and a pop-in by Sandy and Bob!

New Years Eve 2016

Page 3: Who Was There

Wow!  Who was not? We twenty-six plus including the Liles', Roberts, Zaitz, Branders, Reekers, Grey's, Araju's, Berg's, Harrington's, Will & Iris, Nancy & Vince, Sandy & Bob, Marianne and Craig

New Years Eve 2016

Page 4: The Party Starts

We headed downstairs to check-in and await the opening of the doors into the Grand Ballroom! Always fun even standing in line with this group!

New Years Eve 2016

Page 5: The Party Is Well Underway

Dinner has been served and delightful it was!   The band started playing at 9:00 and played until well after midnight!

New Years Eve 2016

Page 6: The Countdown!

The clocks are approaching midnight and the excitement is building. Champagne is disappearing at an alarming rate!

New Years Eve 2016

Page 7: After the Clock Hits Midnight!

Serious smooching gets underway as the clock strikes midnight!

New Years Eve 2016

Off To Pasadena To See The Parade Floats

Great fun with Marianne and Craig with Irene and Greg! Time to visit the flowers!

New Years Eve 2016