New Years 2006 Was Celebrated With Family

Strength shows not only the ability to persist, but the ability to start over.

New Years 2006 Highlights

Pat and Diane joined us between Christmas and New Years and we celebrated and went to a show. We all stayed home New YEars Eve and then we all cooked Mexican food for New Years day along with the Linds. Michele joined us for a tour of the floats on the 2nd of January. It was a nice celebration.

A Collage Of The New Years Activities...

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Sweet Sue
Sue enjoys the New Years celebrations with family and friends.

It Was A Busy Few Days

12/30/2005 - The Show - We all went to the Orange County Performing Arts Center to see "The Boy Friend" - This colorful production of "The Boy Friend" -- Sandy Wilson's 1954 take on 1920s musicals -- has been touring the country since its August launch at Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut, but it really does feel like a holiday presentation as it spends Christmas at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. This is a stocking stuffer of a show, a mildly nostalgic, and mildly entertaining, bauble that's been gift-wrapped with eye-popping design work and delivered with a notable dose of affection by Julie Andrews, who first appeared on Broadway in the original production and makes her directing debut with this revival.

New YEars 2006

12/30/2005 - Dinner at the Claim Jumper!

12/31/2005 - Celebration was a stay at home, watch a movie, and drink sparkling wine and opening Christmas bags

1/1/2006 - New Years Day with the Linds, Laurie, and Dave and The End

1/2/2006 - See the floats with Michele ( Page 1 and Page 2 )

Diane & Pat Visit New Years Eve

The girls dig into the Christmas stockings (OK, paper bags!)

Diane And Pat and Kids Visit And We Spent Part Of New Years Day In The Kitchen

Sue in the kitchen... Everything is normal

New Year's 2006
Paul even tries to assist

New Year's 2006 Capsaicin- noids irritate the trige- minal nerve cells (the pain receptors in the mouth, nose and stomach), releasing the chemical messenger Substance P.

This causes the brain to produce endorphins, the morphine-like natural painkillers that give the body a sense of well-being.

The "runners' high" is caused by these same endorphins.

The Parade Is A Must See... But A Day Afterwords!

Sue and Michele taking in the parade the day afterwords

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