Topper's 2013-2014 Dance Season January 17th 2014

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. ~Author Unknown

Dinner Is Done So It Is Time To Dance (Page Three)

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But First... Some Announcements

"We are looking for a new president for the club... Any volunteers?"

"Do we have any birthdays?"

Happy Birthday Ed Roberts

Happy Birthday Linda Colby

Everybody sings....

It's great to sing Happy Birthday to someone else...

Carfeful... She is about to do a solo!

Guests Are Introduced

Welcome to Toppers

Meet The Free Lance Express

An amazing vocalist

Plays anything on the keyboard

Keeping the beat

Base guitar

The Fun Goes On

Our waiter likes to dance.....

Looking very good

Jan and Paul try some new steps

Tah Dah

It's a new desert dance

Friendships are the most amazing things

Jim goes out and about

Jim and Donnis float across the floor

"P-s-s-s-s-t He's back again!"

"It's a new move"

You can't just sit down with this music....

The Fearless Leader and his bride

Jan and Sue

The beer is working... We need a polka now

"Darn... Where did the time go??"

"Do we really have to go home?"

Our wait staff was superb this evening....