Vacations: Alaska, The Great Frontier

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. ~Elbert Hubbard

Alaska Is One of Our Favorites

Alaska is always the prettiest destination with the clean air and ever changing views.  We have traveled there three times recently (Paul traveled there as a teenager).  We enjoyed every trip and especially the one where the teenage grandsons went with us!

Join us with the pictures taken from the trip with the grandsons (June 2002).


The Trips

Sailing to Alaska

We have been to Alaska three times to date each an adventure of it own.  We took our two oldest grandsons (early teens when they went) and had quite an adventure and we had digital evidence! Previous trips we still have a non-digital camera and the pictures are not worth saving/digitizing.

We got to ride the trains, see the animals up close, ride in helicopters, ride in airplanes and land on lakes, and eat salmon 24x7! Alaska is pristine and he railroad ride from Fairbanks to the ship (Anchorage) was fantastic. 

We completed the trip in Canada and viewed the Butchart Gardens in Canada .