Old Pictures With Kathryn Isabel Robinson

Cousins are many. Friends are few. What a rare delight to find both in you.

We Will Attempt To Describe These As We Go...

We took Kat out to eat and gave her a hand-puppet parrot... She loved her birds ... Circa 1990

Ah Ha... We are on a Mexican Rivera Cruise with Cousin Kat... Circa 1992
This is where Paul learned about "Brandy Alexander's" and that Kat sometimes smoked!

At our home Christmas 1994

Pretty much inseparable... Kat and Gracie...
Gracie has dementia and is living in Apple Valley but does not know anyone anymore...

Another cruise... Kat liked to travel so she went with us many places

Kat. Opal, and Edith owned little homes in the high dessert.... Their escape form the city!

Always happy and amazed at the world around her

OMG... A dental office circa 1957... Kat is attending

Damn guys! Kat and Opal in the 1950's on vacation!
We cannot figure out how the men let Kat get away!!

In Catalina and another cruise....

Kat's birthday 1994 and using Paul's birthday cake plate that turns and plays music...
Almost 70 years old (the plate)

Look out slots... Here she comes

Kat and Jonathan Weasel.... Kat was fearless! The taller and more adventuress the better

Never met a hamburger that she didn't like

One good looking lady!! In her back yard 1952 (she was thirty!)

Kat graduates Dental Assistant school (Click for full-sized image)

Dang... Give a cavity, quick!!!

A 1956 LA Times articles about Kat and friends winning a trophy at a convention of dental assistants

Kat graduates high school 1939....

One of many many

Did You Know? - Kat was quite creative.... She took writing classes on and off for years.... Because of the fact she was always told negative things from her family (Mother and Father) , she never wanted anyone to see the writings. When Sue and I cleaned her house in Paramount, we ran into many many of her stories and will endeavor to get them "published". She was quite talented!

...and, she played a beautiful piano and had a great voice!! Until her dying week, she sand and played the piano at the assisted care facility!