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The way it used to be

Memories are funny things... I remember once when we all got together that at the end of the evening, the quote was "Those things that never happened... they sure were a lot of fun!!"  Share some fun things, sad things, dumb things with us! Paul's recollections are from the fact he ( Being A Man ) is in his early sixties. So, How Old Am I ???

The Fifties in America were a contradictory time. This was a vibrant and wholesome era, characterized by malt shops, Doo-Wop, sock hops , beatniks and the hula hoop , hot cars and cool jazz.  Television was coming and maybe even in color, cars were looking swept-back, Chevy produced a million autos in '55, what a time!  Cadillac's , wow! At the same time, however, the nation was plagued by racial injustice, anti-Communist paranoia and the dread of nuclear war . I am glad we still had dating and REAL movie stars, not the trash of today!

The atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 taught Americans an unforgettable lesson about the power of humanity's terrible new weapons, and this frightening awareness increased their concern about the spread of Communism.


The Cold War divided the world into two armed camps under the banners of the Soviet Union and the United States. Satellites became a new concept. As Communism spread purposefully around the globe, the U.S. adopted a foreign policy of containment, holding back the rising tide of Communism with diplomacy, military might, and nuclear deterrence.  But we survived and became a nation united. It is the year 2005 but what was it like growing up in the 1950's  and 1960's as a kid and a young adult?

So how do you divide a life? Here are some categories and old memories. Let's have some fun!

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I Was A Kid Once.... No, Really!

Yes, I always like cake!! Yes... I is three!

Happy little guy... I still am!

Me and Roy and Dale rode the Comey Avenue prairie

I always loved Christmas.... Spoiled you say... Well, yes!!

I Gave Up Toys For Dancing

I discovered dancing 35 years ago and now I dance at least twice a week.... Good for the body and good for the mind!

I Say My Piece And Agree With Big John!

John Wayne
He speaks the truth!

What has happened in the few short years of my life? Growing up was wonderful in the 1940's and 1950's. Mom was at home and Dad worked. We lived in a small house.... Maybe 1,000 square feet? I walked to school. It was MY problem to assure I got fed.... Not the schools! Talk back to a teacher? Only once!

When I look out over our country today all I see is people with their hands out wanting something from the government or someone else. I knew rich people growing up and aired them and tried to be like them. Now we have riots in food-stamp offices?

TV was always a waste land and now it is 100's of channels of 24x7 wasteland? Music has turned to noise! Movies seem to have to have violence? Why I must ask?

The government is non-functional! The president is a socialist! The "leaders" remind me of high-school politicians... so full of themselves!

I shutter to think where the country is going but it is not a good place. I will be fine... I have principals I live by... I saved money and live within my means... Blessed with a wonderful wife and best friend... Blessed with wonderful friends... and the family, even in todays mixed up times, is pretty solid!

December 1944 Was A Traumatic Time

Life Magazine December 1944
Published two days after I was born into this world

December 15 - A private airplane carrying band-leader Glenn Miller disappears in heavy fog over the English Channel while flying to Paris.

December 16 - Germany begins the Ardennes offensive, later to become known as Battle of the Bulge.

December 16 - General George C. Marshall becomes the first Five-Star General.

December 22 - WWII: Brigadier General Anthony C. McAuliffe, commander of the U.S. forces defending Bastogne, refuses to accept demands for surrender by sending a one-word reply, "Nuts!", to the German command.

Progression Of Life.... Interesting To Remember How It Was

Old Fart

I'm A Senior... Well, Chronologically Speaking...

Senior moments now happen all the time.... gives me great excuses for my behavior!

Senior Moment Senior Moment Senior Moment Senior Moment

Senior Moment