Retired And Learning How To Play Golf  

What are we up to in retirement?

Golf At Navy In 2006

Sue At Work Sue is the real golfer in the family.  We play at Navy several times a week. 

Navy is a challenging course (for us) with oodles of trees and water for the purpose of driving Paul crazy (a short drive we may add).

We play the Destroyer (an executive course of 3 and 4 pars) twice a week and the Cruiser which is a 7400 yard course twice a week!

The Cruiser has some holes that are close to 600 yards long... a real challenge for the "driver impaired".

The course is adjacent to the air field so we get to see everything from fighters to C5A's some and go. Every year is a "Wheels, Rotors, and Jets" show and we happened to be playing gold when the Goodyear blimp was doing "touch and go's"... exciting!

We practice a couple of times a week locally and just joined the Old Ranch Country Club which is very close to our home.

See Us In Action!

Wack it Sue
Whack that sucker....

You can see the pilots
We always had flying visitors

She's smiling!
How am I doing?

The iron birds
Four legged visitos also

Launch minus 1

The dog leg
Great course to learn on...

Jets provide distractions
Another jet landing... Makes the car alarms go off

Must have been a great hit!
"Hang on... I will get it"

That's concentration

There are other 'air shows' on the course
Is it a bird, a plane or super-drone?

Elbow in, arm straight!
There it goes....

Almost home, the 9th
"I can do it"