Our Daughter (Grandma ) Colleen

I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich.

Our Only East Coast Child!

She was (and is) a funny caring person with a heart as big as all out of doors! Born in 1972, she is of age. 

Colleen is all over our website, as would be expected, so we put down a few memoriable pages to puruse!

Yes indeed... She is on Facebook!

She currently lives in New Hampshire with the kids who are pretty much grown up. Her husband is an ex-submariner and a great guy! They have a large home and a large expanded family... Doggies and Cats!

We have three grandkids thanks to Colleen and Pete (Colleen's Ex).  We still see Pete and Lisa (his new wife) on a regular basis attempting to make a positive display to the kids and grandkids.

The girls were always so cute!

A few years ago!

The Cheer Team!

Jon with his Uncle Joe (Our grandson and son)

Enter Calhan... Cassie's Little Boy! Our Great Grandson!

Calhan was born to Cassie and Colleen is a grandma!

All smiles

"I rules the roost!"