Topper's Dance Club Dance May 2010 Page One

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. ~Author Unknown

Summer Is Here; Our Last Dance Of The Season 5/21/2010 (Page One)

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It's the Memorial Day special and we have our Los Alamitos Marine Honor Guard with us tonight!

Behind The Scenes

To make any organization function, someone must lead the group and have a dedicated "staff" of folks to assist being activities to a success.  The Topper's Board always meets ahead of the dance to plan for the future and assure all is going well.  Here are a "sneak peek" at the folks in action!

Did you know? - A board of directors is a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of a company or organization. The body sometimes has a different name, such as board of trustees, board of governors, board of managers, or executive board. It is often simply referred to as "the board."

The Board In Action
They are working on the Christmas Misteltoe Ball for 2011! -
Over a  year away!

The Board In Action

The Board In Action

The Board In Action
Our past president attends the meeting

The Board In Action
The view from the head of the table

Let The Party Begin!

Our greeters are in action meeting our members

Did you know? - Greeting is an act of communication in which human beings (as well as other members of the animal kingdom) intentionally make their presence known to each other, to show attention to, and to suggest a type of relationship or social status between individuals or groups of people coming in contact with each other.

The Honor Guard does some practice before everyone gets here

They haven't seen each other for three hours (Vicky and Del are next door neighbors of Sue)

Phil and crew warm up the instruments

Did you know? - Phil Anthony Band - include Phil Anthony (keyboards/vocals); Howard Crossen (sax); John De Luna (drums/vocals). Popular dance band that performs various dance rhythms including: Rhumba; Cha Cha; Tango; Mambo; West Coast and East Coast Swing, affording John the opportunity to showcase his stylish lead vocals and disciplined rhythmic drum technique.

The First Sergeant leads the guard

Bobbie and Buck Catlin

Leroy was always nearby making sure all was going well---And clowning around!

Tom and Kathy Berg join the festivities

Everybody signed a "Get Well" card for Bob Von Fliss

Did you know? - Robert von Fliss (and his wife) played Mr. and Mrs Santa Claus for many many years. Bob even has a movie credit when he played Santa in a TV program entitled "Ferbus' First Christmas" on December 12th 1995.  It was part of the "Masked Rider" series.  He also played Santa in the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" in a TV episode entitled "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger" as well as in "V.R.Troopers" in an episode called "Santa's Secret Trooper".

A Lieutenant Colonel came with the honor guard so we got to speak to him

Story telling time has begun!

Keeping things moving

Bill with a Halo???

Did you know? - A halo (also known as a nimbus, aureole, glory, or gloriole) is a ring of light that surrounds a person in art. They have been used in the iconography of many religions to indicate holy or sacred figures, and have at various periods also been used in images of rulers or heroes. In, among other religions, Hellenistic Greek, Roman, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian sacred art, sacred persons may be depicted with a halo in the form of a circular glow, or in Asian art flames, around the head, or around the whole body, this last often called a mandorla. Halos may be shown as almost any colour, but as they represent light are most often depicted as golden, yellow, white, or red when flames are depicted.

Angie makes the rounds!

Sue and the Berg's share recent stories

The President is always busy!

Making ten from eight... It's magic

Most Everybody Is Here Now

A view from the bands perspective

Chit chat is underway!


Diane and Kathy

Jan and Jim Mongell arrive in style

Dancing went on all evening!

As usual the wait staff was outstanding!

Jan says "Oy Vey" - It was originally an Italian term

Did you know? - Oy vey (Yiddish: אױ װײ), or just oy, is an exclamation of dismay or exasperation  meaning "oh woe." Its sound is very similar to Ach weh, and Au weh (with which it is a cognate), a common expression used in Bavaria and Austria in similar situations, combining the German exclamation Au! meaning "Ouch/Oh" and the German word Weh meaning pain. It is however also theorized that the first part of it (oy) is originally from Biblical Hebrew, with cognates in other Semitic languages.

Dancing the night away

Time to think about our wonderful country