Christmas Season 2007

Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home

Welcome To Christmas 2007 With The Liles'

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It's again that time of the year... Yeah! Don't forget our Christmas Blessings (Powerpoint)

Decorating Begins The Day After Thanksgiving

Rolling Christmas
Ready to roll into the house!

So how do we start?  We go get Christmas from Dave's house!  Dave is our neighbor and good friends who has storage space and we store the Christmas boxes at his home!  We move them via two-wheel carts and assemble the results all marked by which room they go into! Watch the decoration activity unfold.

Current count is sixty boxes plus the tree and assorted large items that do not fit into plastic boxes!  This is about an hour process with four people.  Pete and Lisa assisted this year.

This Years Plans Include All The Standards Plus Some New Events Destined To Become Traditions...

Christmas 2007
Christmas Golf? Yes!!

We made a list of all the events.

No big surprises!  We start by going to the Masters Of Harmony on November 23rd and end by going to the Rose Parade on the 2nd to see the floats up close. 

In between is a flurry of family events and activities sufficient to keep calories from spreading to our tummies!

Eddie Chartier came out this year to spend Christmas with Pete.  We are going t the Mission Inn with Robin and Family.  Of course we play golf anytime we can.

We went to Knott's Berry Farm and are planning to send the year out with a bang at a formal dinner-dance with Tracy Wells at the Marriott.

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

Christmas 2007

Mitch & Zachary Brought Us A Christmas Gift Early!

We enjoyed the Christmas Play..  The family is getting bigger every year

The Magic Of Disneyland...

We went on December 5th to celebrate Robin's birthday , again on the 19th , the 24th (Christmas Eve) and the last December dance night of the year !

After a walk though the park a drink is required

Christmas 2007
The castle was wonderful! Decorated to the 9's!!