The Tall Ship Adventures Summaries!

Exciting Rides Into The Past Aboard Schooners , Brigantines , Brigs and Barques

Our Adventures

We have adventured on the main for years now and every time is more enjoyable than the next!

Year Comments Notes

This was our first year of joining the Tall Ship adventures. We read about the Tall Ships in the newspaper and decided to go for a ride...

Nice organization! Mostly volunteers who take kids out for a day for more and treat them to hard work on a real ship!  The excursions like today help defray the costs for the kids!  Keep up the good work!

Afterwards we went to the Yard House
2003 This year was with a wheelchair as Sue's back was really providing her a challenge.  Camera's were too much!  The crew was magnificent getting us on board and situation so we could see all the activities form the wheelchair.

We were preparing for back surgery later in the year . Gladstone's for something hot!

No pictures this year... Busy with wheelchair.

2004 This year it was right after the back surgery so we took it slow and careful but enjoyed the adventure.  Again the crew was magnificent! One heck of a battle was waged between the participants
2005 It was a very stormy weekend and rain and wind was predicted for this afternoon.  We asked the kids and grandkids to join us but the "woosed out" so it was up to Paul & Sue to carry on the tradition... and we did!  Super afternoon!  no rain but plenty of wind power and we kept warm with layers of clothes and an occasional hug! It was a fantastic voyage and we were about the only ones on the ship
2006 No battle in 2006 but the ride was worth the trip to San Pedro!  The Lady Washington sailed for three hours out amongst the supertankers and freighters of the 21st century!  Cannons were a blazing and sea gulls were scared to death!  Great crew and a great time was had by all!  Afterwards we landed at Acapulco for a hot cup of coffee (for our hands) and a cold margarita for our... whatever! We ate at the local El Polo Loco Mexican restaurant!

Darned right chilly but we were prepared having done this before many time!

We are always prepared
2008 We did not take pictures this year as "Guess Who" left the battery at home! Oops
2009 A flight with new friends... battle fight that is! Vince and Nancy joined us this year

We dined at Gladstones after the battle sal


2010 We went to Newport Harbor for the Battle Sail and it was a load of fun taking pot shots at everything that moved. We were the only boat but it was still a load of fun
2012 Pete and Lisa joined for the Newport Harbor Battle Sail. We went to the Balboa Bay club for a pre-flight drink and then to Mama D's for dinner

Loads of fun; Next time get reservatios ahread of time for the Herb and Craig...


2013 - Jan We went with Brian and Jan plus Bob and Robin. Great fun. Fun fun fun
2013 - Dec
We went sailing with the Thedens and the Zaitz.  Never ending laughing.  We started at Old Ranch and ended up at Old Ranch Delightful battle sail!