Nightlighters Dinner Dances In 2018

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February 2018 The Webmaster/Photographer Was Not Available

The December 2017 dance had 56 in attendance, the largest number in years. Normal February attendance has been 50 and hopes were high to beat December’s attendance. What happened was a room-busting 66!!!
Thanks to Dance Directors Sherrie and Jose Mancera and all their support staff for their efforts.

We were fortunate to get the Brasserie Room at the Sheraton Gateway LAX hotel. The room is different from a traditional ballroom and was very romantic for our Valentines “Petals of Love” dance. It serves as a breakfast/brunch restaurant during the day and converts
to a meeting room at night. We did experience a slight delay in their turnover to a ballroom space.

All went well the rest of the evening. OK… there was that “romantic rainfall” on one of the tables. The hotel maintenance staff did move quickly to handle the problem. Our apologies go out to those at that table.

We received many compliments on the food served and the hotel staff service met the high standards we expect at our dances.

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4/14/2018 - Dancing With The Nightlighters!


8/11/2018 - Shell We Dance?

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12/1/2018 - Dancing In Toyland