No Choice, I Was Going To College One Way Or Another

College days... Rough but character building... College bound without question!!


It was Mom and Dad's desire for me to go to college.  Dad left school in the 5th grade and Mom finished the 11th before leaving to go to work.  They were not dumb, just dirt poor and had to help the family out by contributing to the family income.

But like many, I didn't understand! I didn't think a lot about college until the last week in High School and when I wasn't accept to anyplace so I went to "JC".

I tried to get into the local JC (Santa Monica JC) but boundaries were difficult to jump even though I was only a few blocks out of range.  Santa Monica was known as a party school so it is probably good that I ended up at Los Angeles City College. In today's world, Santa Monica JC is so liberal I would probably not last 30 seconds before strangling some Democratic kids!

Los Angeles City College

Los Angeles City College
Los Angeles City College

So off to Los Angeles City College I went. After having a vision of becoming a failure in my life, I got serious about school and actually ended up with 3.5+ GPA and became the LACC Student Body President in 1964.

Now that was a feat as I was a conservative on a college campus where most of the kids were liberal... not the flaming idiots we have today but a class of people who still leaned left.  I was a Goldwater Republican ni the middle of a bunch of left-winged democrats!

The campus was transitioning from pre-war facilities to new modern building with air conditioning and windows.  I loved the old buildings with the vines growing all over the outside walls.  It made for cool afternoons when the breezes would come up.

College Politics And Precursors To Being Student Body President

For weeks I have been scratching my head about why I got into the college politics and I still do not know.  I am guessing that I wanted to be involved in the school and sports was, and still is, something I do NOT enjoy! Boring!

So I looked over the openings for office and saw this Commissioner Of Campus Improvement and said... "That's for me".  It was easy to see improvements and my platform was exactly that... A series of improvements.  Memory is something I am failing at but I do remember a few things I promised:

Any by golly, I delivered!  Worked by buns off dealing with the sedentary school officials and in some cases I bought the materials myself and put in book shelves!  I got a pretty good reputation and in fact starting wearing my tool belt around campus as a badge of courage.

The following semester, I took the plunge and ran for Student Body President.  A good fight was put up but the lefty-newspaper hit me where it hurt!  They identified me with Goldwater and I did not deny it... I was a Goldwater Republican even though I could not yet vote!  I missed the election by only a few hundred votes and lost to a fellow named Roberto Via Lobos.  Nice guy but a definite liberal type... Head full of great ideas but practically could not pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the end.

Having an excellent counselor at school, she said "Do not give up for you have something to offer".  I was appointed University Camp Chairman.  UniCamp was a fund raising activity where a carnival was held and the funds went to send young kids to camp during the summer.  The local kids who were fairly poor got to go to the mountains for two weeks.  I thought it to be a useful activity.

Again, with guns a blazing I started down that path and after four months of planning we pulled off the largest carnival the school had ever scene.  I was able to get the UCLA basketball team to show up through arrangements with friends at UCLA.  I was able to get Traveler to show up from USC.  We had the police marching band and a whole lot of booths.  Memory is again failing me but I remember the funds collected were about three times what had ever been collected prior to that time.

Student Body President

Meanwhile, I threw my hat in the ring again for Student Body President and while the campaign was a blur I do remember the day we had to address the student body in the large gathering area.  My opponent, another left-leaning democrat spouting free-this and fee-than and I were scheduled to speak.  That was the day of the carnival and frankly, I was in a panic. 

Decisions... decisions... decisions!  My opponent was dressed to kill and he did well.  I decided, they will like me or not independent of my attire so I showed up in jeans, work shirt, boots, tool-belt and told them what I would do as their next President and that I am working for them today.

I'll be damned if I wasn't elected!  Not only that, the lefty newspaper supported me by saying I had a track record and earned their trust.  Trust from a liberal rag... wow!  It is amazing that now it is 45 years later and the newspapers have not changed... still a collection of liberal weenies!

It was an interesting semester.

Did I get an education or what! The first meeting of the newly elected officials was chaotic. I was tongue-tied by motions?Perplexed by whether a motion is debatable or amendable? Who came up with the rules of parliamentary procedure anyway?

Mastering The Roberts Rules Of Order Was A Chore

Henry Martyn Robert was an engineering officer in the regular Army. Without warning he was asked to preside over a church meeting and realized that he did not know how. He tried anyway and his embarrassment was supreme. This event, which may seem familiar to many readers, left him determined never to attend another meeting until he knew something of parliamentary law.

Ultimately, he discovered and studied the few books then available on the subject. From time to time, due to his military duties, he was transferred to various parts of the United States where he found virtual parliamentary anarchy since each member from a different part of the country had differing ideas of correct procedure. To bring order out of chaos he decided to write Robert's Rules of Order.

Soon I grew to love the rules and mastered them with such zeal as I could move meetings forward with ease.

I Held Office While The New Student Body Building Was Being Built

The semester was fairly successful although I didn't get to enjoy an official office since the old building was being destroyed and the Student Body Government was moved into to duplex across the street (and in fact in the parking lot) adjacent to the school.  The bright side was I has the upstairs and weekends it was a place to go hideout.

My Officers

My Veep was named Judy.  I cannot remember her last name.  She was a vivacious red-head who was tied to the newspaper and just could not get enough of the lefties!  Her friend was an editor on the school newspaper so I constantly got a dose of the liberal baloney.  They were nice girls just wacko left!  I often wonder today what their political stance is!  I'll bet they moved right!

Obviously I didn't succumb to the crud they used as arguments to whatever whacko position they were taking on the topic of the moment.

California Junior College Student Government Association

On the bright side, I did get an opportunity to go to the CJCSGA - California Junior College Student Government Association - (which I cannot find even on the Internet) meeting in northern California and will always remember that fateful day when the chairman stepped forward in front of 80 or more student body presidents and their key members and announced Kennedy had been shot. 

After a quick search of the web, I believe the CJCSGA became the California Student Government Association of Community Colleges (I guess Junior was not acceptable??)

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The Kissing Disease Was Caused by Hard Work

I decided to buckle down and get some real grades, about time! Never doing anything in a small way I was working at Henry Radio in Santa Monica, carrying 20+ units at LACC and dating.  I was rewarded with the "kissing disease". 

Infectious mononucleosis, also known as Pfeiffer's disease, mono (in the United States of America) and more commonly known as glandular fever in other English-speaking countries. It occurs most commonly in adolescents and young adults, where it is characterized by fever, sore throat, muscle soreness, and fatigue. Infectious mononucleosis typically produces a mild illness in small children, and is often asymptomatic. Mononucleosis is predominantly caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), which infects B cells (B-lymphocytes), producing a reactive lymphocytosis predominantly consisting of atypical lymphocytes, a specific type of T-cell that gives the disease its name.

The name "kissing disease" is often applied to mono in casual speech, as in developed countries it is most common at the same age when adolescents and young adults are initiating romantic behavior. This co-occurrence is not apparent in undeveloped countries, where poor sanitation and close living arrangements cause the causative virus to be spread at a much earlier age, when the disease is mild and seldom diagnosed.

Talk about sick.  I was flat of my back for almost two months recovering from this condition.

I remember my dear mother taking care of me for all those weeks while I was recovering.  It was a terrible ordeal as I remember being so tired I couldn't even move across the room.  For weeks my dear ham radio gear remained quiet as my throat was so sore that talking was out of the question.  The disease is easy to spread so I was without visitors.

Mom was so great taking care of my every need and it was years later when I finally appreciated it.  The appreciation came when Mitch, my super son-in-law, has the Chicken Pox and we were taking care of him.  Sounds easy unless you are in the late 40's!

The disease finally worked its course and I returned to my normal self.  I missed an entire semester and promised not to burn the candle at both ends... At lease not for quite a while. Back to school in 1963.

Moving On

After LACC, I departed for USC .