SS Lane Victory Adventures

God Bless These Brave Men Who Served In The Merchant Marine

A Cruise On The S.S. Lane Victory

Six times a year, during the summer, the SS Lane Victory leaves port for an all day adventure in order to teach people about the Merchant Marine in WWII.  It was fun, entertaining, and educational!  A great way to spend a Saturday!  Please joint us in the adventure....

Did You Know? - Currently they are NOT doing cruises because of a "Busted Boiler" which costs a load of money to fix/replace.

FDR 1943:  "The men of our American Merchant Marine have pushed through despite the perils of the submarine, the dive bomber and the surface raider. They have returned voluntarily to their jobs at sea again and again, because they realized that the life-lines to our battle fronts would be broken if they did not carry out their vital part in this global war. . . In their hands, our vital supply lines are expanding. Their skill and determination will keep open the highway to victory and unconditional surrender.?

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She began her first wartime journey on June 27, 1945, in the closing stages of World War II. She delivered munitions, loaded in Port Hueneme, California to Admiralty Island in the Pacific. She went on to serve with distinction in both the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.

During the Korean War, Lane Victory's moment of glory came in December 1950, during the evacuation of Korean civilians and United Nations personnel from Wonsan. As the cruiser Saint Paul and destroyers laid down a covering fire, Lane Victory offloaded troops, vehicles and cargo. She then evacuated 7,010 men, women and children, taking them south to safety. When they arrived, 7,011 got off the ship....a baby had been born during the voyage.

In September 1966, Lane Victory joined the Vietnam War effort. She was returned to the Ready Reserve Fleet in 1970. In 1982, the U.S. Merchant Marine Veterans of World War II commenced efforts to acquire her. Their objective was twofold: to have her serve as a living memorial to the men and women of the U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Navy Armed Guard; and to operate her as a working museum dedicated to the maritime trades. She was towed from San Francisco to San Pedro in June 1989.

In berth 94 San Pedro

Did you know? - She was named after Lane College, which was established as a high school for black youths in 1882 by Isaac Lane, a bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Jackson, Tennessee. The school grew into a prominent liberal arts college.

Our favorite spot is on the second deck behind the light and under the life boat! (Shade and a view)

Lane Victory is now fully operational and is supported by 6 'Victory at Sea' WWII-Cruises each summer off Catalina Island. She has also been used as a set for many motion pictures and television productions. SS Lane Victory is a National Historic Landmark.

Right under the west end of the Vincent-Thomas Bridge in San Pedro Harbor

Did you know? - The Lane Victory was built by the California Shipbuilding Corporation in Los Angeles, California and launched on 31 May 1945. On her first voyage, 27 June 1945, Lane Victory carried supplies in the Pacific. She was operated by the American President Lines.

Check-in just left of the bridge to the ship (the L-shaped building)

Did you know? - In 1950 the Lane Victory was used to evacuate Korean civilians and U.N. personnel at Wonsan, North Korea during the Korean War. The ship also saw duty during the Vietnam War. In 1970, she was placed in the reserve fleet. Because of her excellent condition, the Maritime Administration decided to set aside the Lane Victory for preservation.