About "Us"


We have been on the web since December 19th 1995 with our own site. The site will likely be boring except to family and friends . We include our four private dance clubs , friends vacations, and other items of interest to us!

We retired from North American Aviation , Rockwell International and finally Boeing on 3/21/2007 after 75 years or service and we have learned to live!

I have four children (Robin, Michele, Joe, and Colleen), nine "great" grand-children, and five great-grandchildren! We are blessed with a wonderful family and fantastic friends !

Retirement is when life begins! We have not looked back, only forward to many years to friends, family, and fun! ( ). Retirement is the time to get up and move... We do!

You can see what we are currently up to by visiting the Daily Diary

It is will extreme sadness that my bride of thirty-two years, the love of my life, passed on February 19th 2020 at 7:07 AM after a long battle with several illnesses. She will be missed by all.

A mutual friend called me and suggested I ask Dr. Mary Cote out for dinner just because we were both lonely.  I suggested Patty's Place since she was working at the VA in Long Beach.  After knowing Dr. Mary Cote for over twenty years, we spent a year together starting July 28th 2020 and we decided to get married one year to the day of our first "date". 

We moved from our homes after being there a total of 57 years!  I moved to Orange, California and we are sharing our lives together.  She is a beautiful lady that has lit up my life.

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Dr. Mary and I at our wedding.