Down Cuba Way With Janice

January 2019   

Ten Days Visiting Cuba With The Azamara Journey

Come join the fun as we seem to go back in history to a place where time stands still.

Date Page Destination/Location Comments

January 24th

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2 Sail Miami To Havana Azamara Journey is an R-class cruise ship owned and operated by Azamara Club Cruises

January 25th

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3 Arrival And Visiting Havana Day #1 Raining during our arrival and most of the day! Touring via bus.

January 26th

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4 Visiting Havana Day #2 Weather is fine; touring by bus with a lot of walking;
January 26th 5 Visiting Havana Day #2 Continues To The Hemingway House
January 27th 6 Visiting Havana Day #3 The Rum Factory and Museum and several Plaza's in downtown Havana
January 28th 7 Day At Sea Slow casual sail from Havana to Trinidad
January 29th 8 Trinidad Whirlwind tour
January 29th 9 Cienfuegos  
January 30th 10 At Sea & Sanitago De Cuba  
January 31st 11 Santiage De Cuba  
February 1st 12 Sailing To Miami  
February 2nd 13 Morning Arrival In Miami