Down Cuba Way With Janice

January 2019   

Cienfeugos Cuba

Did You Know? - Cienfuegos, 'the Paris of Cuba' as many like to call it is a beautiful bay in the heart of Cuba's fertile agricultural region. Cruising to Cienfuegos, Cuba will usher you into a world where elegant French charm meets fiery Caribbean spirit, giving meaning to the city's literal translation, "one hundred fires". Its rich cultural treasures, well-preserved 19th-century architecture, colonial waterfront, neoclassical structures, art nouveau, art deco styles and historical features reveal a remarkable sophistication infused with French-inspired vibes sure to impress any curious traveler. Located about 160 miles from Havana, the cruise port of Cienfuegos, Cuba exhibits enchanting trails, waterfalls and cascading natural pools with the power to rejuvenate both body and soul in a way only this 'Pearl of the South' can. As you cruise to the tranquil city of Cienfuegos, Cuba, you will understand why its charm and rich history is a major draw for island hoppers.


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