Air Traffic Patterns Over 24 Hours

It's an amazing sight

Examine The Paths Carefully

This is very cool .... watch the actual flow of air traffic around the globe ... as day runs into night and then back into day.

Watch the well known increases in air traffic congestion as the sun comes up in Western Europe and North America turning their airspaces into real beehives of activity! ?There are also the other well known flows: air traffic across the North Atlantic, westbound during daylight, eastbound at night (watch how each direction fires off like a water cannon as the sun comes up in Europe, or goes down in North America .....  the expected flow across the North Pacific .... other well known flows from our West Coast out to the Hawaiian Islands .... but one that I wasn't expecting is the volume of traffic flowing from Europe across the mid-Atlantic southwest to Brazil.

However, what I enjoyed most was looking at how lonely it must be flying the south Pacific between Argentina/Chile at the southern most tip of South America over to Australia ... just a couple of aircraft (or just two aircraft between Australia to South Africa!) ... lonely days and lonely nights out over ALL that water ....

Enjoy .......