Thoughts And Ponderisms: Hollyweird!

“A man is what he thinks about all day long.”

I Practice What I Preach! How About You?

Boycott Hollywood!! It's time we send OUR message to the Hollywood gang!  Perform, yes! Sing out, yes!  Use your position to expound your views, no!  Tell us what to think, no!  Insult our leaders (left or right), no! 

It's not ALL of Hollywierd so pay attention and vote your money only to those who support our country!  Go to movies that are wholesome, represent American values, support family values...

We little people can't compare in power to the elite who live un-real lives that unimaginable money can bring!  But we can unite and not provide the resources to these people!  Don't buy their products, don't see their movies, don't buy their music!  They are NOT as dedicated as one might think!

Hollywood was an important part of our life.... I currently refuse to see the "crap" produced by the industry! I hope you will think again before spending your hard earned money on these products!