Arab Spring My Butt....

I was told that anybody could become President; I'm beginning to believe it.

Free Speech My Ass; We Have Gone Too Far!

Deport these bastards and let them go back to honking camels!  This crap is the same as yelling "Fire" in a movie theater!  We can carry free speech a little too far!

Send em home!  Send em home!
Take your big nose and go back to the desert!

Turds      Turds
We let this kind of hate stay in our contry? Throw the bastards out!

We Learned Our Lesson... Don't Let a Democrat Within 10 Miles Of The White House!

assholes  assholes
Give them a free pork sandwitch!

Exterminate The Vermin... See Below!  Free Pig To Each One!

Sick bastards
Deport them to their hill of sand!