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PhotodexWhile looking for a way to make viewing pictures less boring, I ran into and seeing that they were recommended by PC Magazine, I bought it "sight unseen".

What a great surprise!  Neat tool, easy to use and it bring the still pictures to life even allowing executable to be made in addition to CD's and DVD's! I highly recommend it!

Now we have music and motion and titles to remind us of what is happening. It is fun to go back and see these after many years.

Movies We Have Made

These movies are both "Streaming" and "Executables".  Streaming loads into your machine from the server but does not save anything when you are done. Executable, that is, .exe files requires you to download them which will take a few minutes due to the size and the player will come into action.  These are both safe methods!

San Juan Capistrano (October 2009) - We went to visit and have lunch with friends at San Jan Capistrano so we decided to go early and see the mission again

USS Midway Adventure (October 2009) - We took the train from Fullerton to San Diego and visited the USS Midway museum and then took a two hour harbor cruise.  A full day of fun.

Wine Tasting in Temecula (October 2009) - Rob and Bob and us go to Temecula on a bus trip to taste wine and cavort!

Starlighters Winter Casual Dance - Our dance club had it's bi-monthly dance at the Phoenix Club.

Christmas 2007 and Christmas 2007 Part Two -We had a great Christmas season now that we are retired and really enjoying life!

Christmas 2006 - Fun times at the Christmas Season areput to music and slides in this show about 2006.

Christmas 2000 - The first of our movies from times gone by.

Mid Pacific (Midway Island) Adventure - We went to Midway in June 2007 after retiring and enjoyed 21 days at sea visiting Midway and the Hawaiian Islands.

Us (Paul & Sue) - Some of our recent memories put to a movie.

Avalon Ball 2007 - Join us for the annual Catalina Island Avalon Ball September 2007.  A formal dance in the world famous casino.

Avalon Ball 2008 -We are off again to voyage across the sea and dance to the wee hours of the morning!

Halloween Through The Years - This is an 18MB movie of the celebrations of Halloween 2000-2007. Watch the kids grow up! But the tradition is indeed dying as the kids get older and families split up!

TomatoFest 2007 - Join us at the Carmel Valley TomatoFest held once a year to celebrate the wonders of the heirloom tomato!

Christmas Eve 2004  - Kicking around the house on Christmas Day with family and friends. Pat and Diane were staying with us; Pete was in Iraq; Mitch and Jeanette joined us along with Dave and Lisa. Christmas Play .

Long Beach Tall Ships! - Sue and I went to Long Beach and sailed on the Tall Ships. It was the weekend of the great LA rainstorm and we were the only ones brave enough to go out... and we ended up the only people on board!

Thanksgiving - We combined several celebrations into a single movie to remind us of the fun we have had.

Fall Foliage With Vicky & Del - Our neighbors went to the east coast for a fall folage adventure and we put it to a movie.

The US Movie - We took some special events and other activities and put it into ProShow.  Many pictures of Paul & Sue enjoying life.

Del's 80th Birthday - The celebration is now in a movie features all the friends and family of our great next door neighbor.

Lanai 2008 - We went to Lanai for two weeks to rest and relax from being retired.  We played golf, drove the jeep, and had a great time!

Halloween Time - Come and see the scariest things you could imagine... family at play!

Apple Picking - We love to go pick apples up in the foothills and bring them home for fresh apple cider!

Del Mar 2007 - A day of horse racing and riding the train!

Kat Goes To The Fair 2007 - We took cousin Kat to the OC Fair for the day

--------------- In Rework---------------

Family Cruise (22MB) - In 2001 we took our family (and some friends) on a three-day cruise to Mexico. Eighteen went together on this voyage of visitation. It was a load of fun!

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